Passive speakers w/ Audigy cards


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Hello all,
I figured this question might scramble a few heads and make you think for a while, I know I have. I currently owned the latest of the soundblaster audigy cards, as I am ready to change my current speakers I have managed to get a set of bose 5.1 as a gift. for ref. only these are the ones, Acoustimass 6 series III
I've emailed creative labs and bose as to find out how to connect these to my audigy without the use of an external receiver, in other words I want to eliminate any third party pass-through devices. Though it seems impossible, nothing is.
I know there has to be a way, has anyone ever thought about this, it sure doesn't hurt to ask among all these experts.

Thank to all audiophiles.

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PASSIVE speakers need a power supply to drive them aka need an amp/receiver to supply the power. The Audigy soundcards r only handling the processing part and act sorta like a pre-amp. You will definately need to hook the passive speakers up to an amp to make them produce sound :-)
Connecting direct to your Audigy card(underpower) will damage the speakers faster than overpowering them with a high-wattage amp.

Just curious, why Bose of all others? U do realize that many of their products are more advertisement than hi-fi I hope. Anyway, if u want direct to soundcard connection, u have to use active speakers...for PC...maybe the Videologic Sirroco Crossfires/ Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1/ Creative Gigaworks etc...

Hope that others will help u find a way :-)

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Thanks for your reply,
Well reason being is that they were given to me free ;-)
and second reason, I haven't found any good decent speakers that will carry
the lows (Bass) very far, or in other words so clean like this subwoofer. I
currently tried logitechs z....5.1, I returned them so I still kept my
original FPS 200 4.1 digital cambridge works, it happens that the bass sounds so dry, so boomy and as if the subwoofer was hitting, even I have tried countless settings in the computer and int he subwoofer itself. I want a clean acoustic bass that almost sound as if it continues until gradually fades. I hope you kind of understand what I am looking for.
Any suggestions.

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Yes, you definitely need a 5ch power amp to drive those Boses. Although a much better choice would be to return those and buy active Creative GigaWorks S750 speakers. They're nowhere near as bad as Bose and you wouldn't need to buy the amps.
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