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I am curious if any one have an opinion on Axiom ver Polk speakers. I am building a home entertainment system from the ground up and believe that either of these speaker manufactures will fit my needs.

Currently these are my components

Receiver: Denon 3805 or Onkyo TX-NR801 (leaning toward the Denon)

Speakers: (leaning toward the Axiom atm, they are cheaper and getting top reviews; Although I cannot find any direct reviews with Polk speakers.)

M60ti mains
EP350 Sub
QS8s surrounds
VP150 center

Rti10 Mains
PSW12 Sub
Fxi3 surrounds
Csi5 center

DVD: Denon 2200

HDTV: undecided atm, still reviewing since I will probably put this off until early 2005.

I am planning on buying the speakers and receiver in the next couple weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Del - Check out the discussion boards on the Axiom site. A lot of various comparisons, not all one-sided Axiom, & not filtered by the management.

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I already tried searching Axiom boards and will probably make a post there in the morning. I have just about decided to go with the Axiom speakers. I was just curious if anyone had seen any reviews or heard the speakers together first hand.

Thank you for your time.

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I have a Polk Rti setup and they're really well made speakers with outstanding mids, but I think the Axiom line may top them, especially on the low end.

Explore your options with subs, there's no timbre matching here, I regret buying the polk psw404, while it's a great sub, I wish I would have bought a SVS cylinder.

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You can do better than polk with these:

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I have Axioms and am happy with them, given the price point. On subs, I'd recommend something else. Just as Kano said, timbre matching is not a factor, and you could get better sounding subs. I have ACI Titan II subs, and it's superb. Also considered Hsu Research (less expensive), and Bag End.

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Well I ordered the Axiom speakers today (with the EP350 sub.) After reading the replies here I may regret the sub, but I got 30 days to figure it out.

Thanks to all that replied.

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I don't think that you will be disappointed with the Axiom sub. I have the EP175 and it rocks! No dinosaur stomping effects, but very articulate and detailed on music with enough bottom end to tingle my butt when I am sitting on the sofa. I have read that down- firing subs (Hsu and Outlaw) are better for home theater and not as well suited for music - I don't know. I have also owned Polk RTI6 and RTI8's. You made a good choice all around. Axioms can't be beat for the money. I also looked at Ascend (ugly black boxes) and Aperion (made in china, can be a little edgy) and decided to go with Axiom. Best speakers I have ever owned ( owned the following: Energy Take 5, Paradigm Mini Monitors, Klipsch SB's, and various Polks.) Currently have the Axiom Mi22t, VP150 center, QS4 surrounds, and EP 175. Not once in the 30 day trial period did I ever consider sending them back. They get better every day. I have listened to and enjoyed more music in the last two months than I did in the previous year. Am I on love with them? Yes, yes I am.

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Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to the new speakers. I am sort of wishing I had gone with the EP175 sub myself. I sort of forgot to look at the size of the EP350 until the wife asked where was it going to be placed in the room. I had a nice spot under an end table picked out for the sub, until I noticed that the EP350 is over 20" tall. LOL

I think I have changed receivers to the H/K 7300. It's a bit pricier than the Denon 3805, but from the reviews I have found the H/K is worth the money.

Thanks again for the reply, take care.
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