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Hey, I know both the Fronts and the center Channels Should be The same Brand for best sound so i was Wondering does Sound Stage make Tower Speakers, Or Does Psd (not Psb) Make a Center Channel

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I dont get it i Post Qutie a bit but NEVER anyone answer, are my Questions to hard??

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What is "Sound Stage"?
What is "Psd"?

I cannot find info on these "brands" anywhere. Do you have more info on where you found them?


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there are probably not a lot of members on this board that has any experience with these speakers, that's why you are not getting a response.
I myself am wondering what these speakers are.

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I couldn't help but notice the "laughing smiley" before your thread...

...A google search brought up no info on the speakers you mentioned. Where did you purchase them from?

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soundstage speakers are from canada. they are made by microstage. yes they do make tower speakers. buddy of mine bought the HT-in a box setup by them. psd do u mean dahlquest? i heard some people refer to them as psd.

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Iam not Exactly Sure I got the Psb2.8 From a friend who had then Imported for me From the US, they Have 2 Mid-Bass and a Tweeter on Each, there also Bi-Wiring Capable, And Sound Stage is a Canadaian Brand Name of Speaker i Purcahesed From a Supplyer Called Visions, Both Brands Are Exceptional Well made and OF Excelent Sound Quality,


Are soundstage not made in China, then imported into Canada.

I have a set of Tower 3.1 They indicate made in China on the box, but imported by Canadian Company

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hmm. im not a big fan of soundstage. ive heard their stuff. i like othet things. Visions is all i know who carries them. and that they are made somewhere in canada. not sure if, in china.

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I got this from director of Visions:

We purchase them from a Canadian distributor/manufacturer that also provides us with JBL and Infinity Speakers ... I believe the majority of their products are assembled in are Polk, Athena and many better known speaker lines these days.
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