Floor Speakers Choice (Klipsch, Paradigm, Energy, Axiom)


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Ok, here's the deal, I currently own a receiver from yamaha (RX-V series) and a sub from Klipsch and I'm looking for some floor speakers. What I've seen/heard

Klipsch reference series

Energy Connoisseur

And what I've been looking for

Paradigm Monitor 7 and Axiom M60ti

I'm not a jazz/classical fan, I'm really into hard stuff like Deftones/Manson/Korn, yet you might say why am I looking for these big monsters, because I love rich and clear sound and I believe that I'll be able to keep these speakers for a while. The thing is, Klipsch/Energy/Paradigm would be easier for me since I can buy them with a 36months without interest plan. I really liked the Klipsch, but it's so hard to compare them with other brands because they dont sell them at the same store. Anyway, I was wondering what would you guys do and if you can give me some advice, I'm very open to your suggestions!

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Since you have a Yamaha I would recommend the Paradigm 7. Paradigm's are the best match with Yamaha I have heard and the thought of Yamaha with Klipsch makes my ears bleed. I do have a store in my area that pairs them and it's beyond awful. Which Yamaha do you have?

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I got the RX-V350... yeah yeah yeah bottom line but when I got it (this summer) I never planned on buying high-end speakers, anyway, what's the problem with Yamaha paired with Klipsch speakers??

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It's extremely bright.

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Oki and what's the main difference between the Monitor 7 and 9? Is it worth the money?
And also, what do you guys think of Energy's speakers?

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I was looking at Energys for my system, in fact it was Energys or Polks. I went for the Polk because it has a softer sound from the silk tweeter, versus a much brighter sound from the aluminum tweeter in the Energy Connoiseurs. The Energys are more efficient (94 dB for the C9s). I've heard them coupled with a Yamaha receiver at a friend's place and you don't need a lot of power to drive them, which may suit your needs.

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The Klipsch speakers are also generally very efficient. Usually a bright speaker--but you may like that with the music you listen to.

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consider B&w 600 and Monitor Audio Silver series too

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VGT, I just got the monitor 7's v3, and according to this site, the salesperson and myself, most prefer the sound of the 7's over the 9's. the 9's have 8" woofers instead of 6.5" in the 7's. The main difference is that the 7's are tighter, punchier bass while the 9's border on the side of boomy. If in Canada, then the new v4 are out, so the v3s are being cleared, I got mine for 800 after tax in Canadian Money. Listen to them both, I love my 7's and HIGHLY recommend them


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i did audition them and found monitor 11 too laid back and monitor 9 were boomy and sevens were good but my personal purchaSE ended up at B&w 600 series I JUST LOve them thanks
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