Paradigm or Monitor Audio and what receiver


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I need your help in the selection of equipment for my new family room.

The room is 20' x 20' with potentially bad acoustics. The ceilings are high starting at 12' and reaching 14'. There are three 4.5 feet-wide windows on the left and right sides. The floor is covered with stone. There will be large couches and a 9' x 12' area rug.

My wife hates speaker boxes so the fronts, center and sub will be housed in a cabinet at the front. The rears will be in-ceiling and "aimable".

The set up will be used 50% for HT. The music mix covers a wide range with jazz, country, and classic all getting listening time.

Having said all of that, and recognizing the acoustical challenge of the room, I don't want to spend a huge amount of money, yet I would like to get some quality equipment.

I have auditioned Paradigm's Monitor 5's and really liked them. To be auditioned next are Monitor Audio. I would like to include S2's and Gold 10's and 20's in the sample.

What are your recommendations for such a room? What receiver would you pair these speakers with?

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For Paradigm look at NAD, Rotel and Yamaha[model 1500 or above]. For MA look at Marantz, Elite and H/K.

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Thanks for your reply. Any specific models for each of those brands? From reading so many posts I feel pre-disposed to like NAD, Rotel, and Elite.

A local Monitor Audio dealer is willing to work with me and I may get a good price. I am not sure which brands of receivers he carries, but I will inquire.

One more question. What DVD would you recommend? Remember the set-up is intended for 50/50 HT/music. As far as I know, the TV we are planning to get has a DVI input.

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I have MA S8's w/NAD 773 and they sound great together. One other point: you seem to be encompassing a very wide price range, between MA s2 and gold series - there are many Silver series models in between.

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Bigfan, you are right about the wide span of the MA's. My budget allows me to look at the more expensive Gold series, but my mind forces me to look at the silver series. Whatever I buy, they have to be bookshelves though.

How do you like your MA's? I auditioned the MA's S2 and Gold 10's driven by NAD separates. I liked the Gold's better but was not entirely pleased. I felt something was missing in the middle (between treble and bass). I later re-auditioned Paradigm's Monitor 5 and Studio 40's. Those are more to my liking.

Since I have time in my hands I plan to audition other brands (Dynaudio, Def Tech, Linn, B&W, etc.). Will report back

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i love the MA's. For me it came down to MA s8 vs studio 60s. i liked both and could have easily gone either way, but the MA's sounded a little bit more dynamic w/rock so i went w/them (more "front row" of the concert hall, an analogy i'm borrowing from others here). also had the add'l bonus of being a more attractive unit which helps w/WAF.

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I run the Paradigm Monitor 7s with an H/K AVR525. the combination is fantastic! I heard he combo in a closed audio room and also in my large great room and in the both surroundings, they work super well together. The only difference is I dont have vaulted ceilings , just flat 10 foot ceilings. it will affect the acoustics a little, but I dont really know how much.
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