What about Cerwin Vega's?


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I was wondering if there are any cerwin vega fans here. I was always been under the impression that they were fairly good speakers for the money. CV has been specializing in speakers for a long time and nobody seems to mention them at all. Is this because of their quality (or lack of it)? Has anyone heard their newer v series line of home audio speakers?

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Cerwin Vegs's Sub are AMAZING i picked up One From Local Dealer for about 987$ Cnd and It Pounds SO hard, i would Definently Recomend these Speakers to Anyone who wants to buy them

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Steve...i have not heard the line you mention, I would say that Cerwin Vega has been popular in car audio but has not had the same success in home audio. I think there are better alternatives in home audio but I admit I have only heard one set of CW home speakers and I have no idea what model they were, they remind me of the older Pioneer and JVC towers you used to see back in the 80's and 90's. To me they sounded boomy in the bass region and muffled in the mid section. They do seem to be geared towards high output sound levels and not towards clean sound. I may be wrong since it's been a while. Have a listen and compare to other brands in the same price range and I think (just my first impression) you will consider other brands.

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CV's are kinda looked upon as bass-heavy cranker speakers. I have a pair and really like them (VS-120's). My impression is, the further back you go with CV, the better the speakers they were making. If you can find some from the older D or DX lines,(D-7, DX-7 for example), i think those are good to jump on - better all around than their later ones.

Other good speakers in that kind of speaker are older Klipsch's, vintage JBL monitors (not their newer ones), and a few others. These are the best of the 3-way with large woofers. Some vintage infinities are good too. You can get all second hand for under $500 easy.

While I like imaging, soundstage etc., I also like a speaker I can just crank and don't have to buy a sub for. CV's are good for that.
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