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Hello... My first post. Just ordererd a speaker set should be coming soon. Need to get a good receiver to match with the speakers. After reading some stuff many people on this board seem to be extremely knowledgeable. So any advice is helpful.

This is the speaker configuration:
Fronts: RTi12
Center: CSi5
Surround: FXi5
Patio speakers: Atrium55
No Sub (Fairly small basement and dont' want the neighbours complaining)


1) Do you think i can get away w/out a sub with this setup?

2) Need a receiver... love the HK looks AVR630 in particular. Its being discontinued but some places have it for cheap (700 shipped).

3) Don't know when AVR 635 is coming out and is it worth waiting?

4) What other brand and models do u think would match this set Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon etc...

5) HK is the Zone 2 capability and allowing a different source for zone 2. Nice feature but need to make sure its the right receiver?

Any opinions... Thanks in advance!

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I think you have ordered very nice speakers.
1. I would try the speakers first without a sub and see what you think. You won't need one for music but maybe with movies. Give it a couple months or so.
2.630 is a very good receiver and would match well with the Polk's.If you like it why wait for the 635?
3.See above
4. I would consider Marantz and Elite. The Marantz line is about to turn over to the .500 series but either the 400 or 500 series would be very nice. Look at the 7400 for example. In the Elite line look at the vsx54 and 56. See dynaco.com for very good Elite prices.
5. Not sure what your question is but sonically the H/K is very much one of the right receivers for your Polks. Have fun with it and good luck.


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5) HK is the Zone 2 capability and allowing a different source for zone 2. Nice feature but need to make sure its the right receiver?
** is -> has**

Thanks for the advice.

What i meant to say there was that the HK AVR630 has Zone 2 capability for my patio speakers. I dont need another amplifier and I can be listening to 2 different sources at the same time all from the 630.
(for example.. a movie in the room and radio on the patio speakers)

I will do some reasearch on the receivers you suggested.

Thanks again!

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HK AVR7300 - If you get this receiver, it has all the above plus another 25W per channel on top of the 630. As well it has the video monitor through a component video connection, which is an improvement over the 330-630 series.

If you can find it for a good price it may even eliminate any need for a seperate power amp for the Rti12s.

The 12s have some pretty amazing bass response, you may want to consider a large subwoofer if you want to completely cover the sound spectrum.

if space is available.

this sub is amazing even for the $900

I love those Atrium speakers, they're cutting edge IMO.

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I mean 35W more power.
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