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Help adire tempestMazdaMan5
How do i bridge my 2 subs?sean4
Adire tempestMazdaMan2
What amp for these subs?Fishy3
JBL amp and bandpass i need a subsonic filter??Jeff Loughrey5
The end of the line...MazdaMan8
Can someone please explain Gain to me?BigYellowTaxi8
Low pass?Steven3
Kick panels?Jonathan5
Box MaterialJeremyC3
Input questionJeremyC2
I need your adviseJeff Loughrey7
Whats betterMazdaMan2
Help with a good sound system?Anonymous4
How does this setup look?mike5
How to make louder?Steven2
Shivas or vmaxes?Jonathan3
Enough power for brahma'sRyan18
Which box os best for my subs???ryan c.2
Best sub for RMS range?David Washington8
Rms in subsBigChris2
12s vs 15s in suvBigChris6
Two subs one blownBigChris3
Blown Sub???Anonymous4
I need info on wat u thinkblare holz6
Single subwoofer for 150 db name itdavid hizzle7
Building box for first time...eveofdes6
Box fixturessean2
Papery sounding subSteven4
Headunit...Jeff Loughrey1
Sub Bridging question anyone care to help???sean3
4 ohm on a 8 ohmsean4
Is this any goodJeff Loughrey49
Memphis. Good amps, what about speakers?Jeff Loughrey2
How can i make my subs hit their hardest??Jeff Loughrey4
Sub Box Help!Jeff Loughrey4
Which setup is better? 2 alpine type-R's or 1 alpine type-XJeff Loughrey3
Sub Problem!!!Pat Lorenz16
Nakamichi, Alpine, or EclipseChris Klein12
Loudest sub ever....?Jonathan10
Which Subs?CarlB3
What subs should i get?Anonymous4
604 Customskreg lamirand1
How Good R Audiobahn'sccc11
Looking for a ampmarshall white2
Setup ?sTyler D.1
Sony xplod question?Tyler Keith Dayvault6
Subs move even when HU is paused???HELP!!!Anonymous9
Were can i get some RE xxxnessannanymoose6
Need suggestions for a pair of nice 10''s with great splDave2
What does "THD%" and "Signal-to-Noise" mean??Street Blaze Product1
Solobaric questionAnonymous5
Stupid question lolDave3
How's this box overall?Anonymous3
Brahma 15"Anonymous9
Which Sub should i get????Dave3
Memphis, Zapco, or U.S. Amps?Dave9
Running Three Subs?hater6
If Jesus had a system, the components would be?sean16
Is SD downAnonymous1
Ceditable review?Silky Johnson11
Quick questionryan c.2
MTX Thunder 1501dCarAudioFNG9
Enclosure question?Pat Lorenz7
HiFonics Brutus BX1000D Taylor-Mayde7
Box Questions Jeff Loughrey3
I need opinions... What is the absolute loudest, and hardest hittin...mike13
Help! I dont know what to buy ..checky my systemStugots4
JBL 600.1seightgtr057
Give me some tips for my first systemseightgtr0510
Ok Sub Box SuggestionsPat Lorenz3
V-max vs. kicker comp vrVisitor#782
Hard Hitting 12" SubMazdaMan4
What sub???Visitor#784
Cheap amps?MazdaMan7
Is This Possible?!seightgtr0514
Audiobahn 3000 Watt RMS 15" SubJeff Loughrey12
Best box?Jonathan13
Ok snail shell box anyone know why? sean5
RE x.x.x 12"sean6
Any way???sean10
Kicker vs adire vs vegaJeff Loughrey2
Question about repairing a sub.Jeff Loughrey5
Xtant amp problemsJeff Loughrey5
What would pound harder?Jonathan8
Amp problem??sean6
Should i buy thissean10
Alum Qmarshall white4
Can a amp w/o crossover power a sub?need helpAnonymous5
Help for friendne0nblakk11
Slot portsjohnny lemoine12
HELP!!! Is this a myth or is it true???Pat Lorenz11
Somebody save mejohnny lemoine19
Momo amps and subsMazdaMan2
Help on dvc and svc subsAnonymous2
Subs that shake you and not just the carAnonymous2
14 gauge wire to subCarAudioFNG6
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