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j winters
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Hey guys, I recently got a 1995 Olds 88, and I would like to make it bump. My budget is small, and I am clueless when in comes to installation. My desire is to have a system that bumps. I had a new sony head unit installed, i believe it is 52x4 (if that matters) I have been looking at specials in the best buy ads like 2 rockford fosgate 12s and, one amp, and a box for $320. Is a package like this a good deal and will it give me what i desire? I would appriciate any advice on car audio and what components I need for a decent beginner system.

I have plenty of trunk space but not much $$$ :-)


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you cant rush car audio..what you pay for is what you get. i wouldnt advise you to get any package deals sold at best buy, good guys, etc etc..its all overpriced or shitty merchandice. for 320$ you cant get much..i think you should save up some more money because if you buy now, your just going to be costing yourself in the long run. there is no DECENT system that can be bought for 320$

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Registered: May-04 has a deal with 2 12" Coustic subwoofers, 400 watt Coustic amp, and a box for like $300. Shipping is free so it's all good. All you need then is a 4 guage amp kit. That setup wouldn't be to bad for a beginner in my opinion.




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wow that really isnt a bad setup for the price, and you could get a 4guage kit for $37.50 shipped from here this is deff. better than what best buy would sell you

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If i was you i would by the subs at best buy. But first list me the specs (or what the ad says, in terms of power ratings on sub and amp). It may no be what it says. Rockford stuff is great stuff, if you buy it right. Most people give RF a bad rap because they buy the stuff that doesnt bump.

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in those deals they usually horribly underpower there subs...

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That, and the RF stuff at Best Buy just plain out sucks, sometimes they'll have some decent amps, but there still is much better to be had. RF still is in the mediocre category, if you experienced their late 80s, early 90s stuff you'd know what I'm talking about, it was MUCH better back then. Their amps are ok, but the subs and speakers just suck nowadays until you get into the upper class "kids going to best buy can't afford it" kinda subs. I'd save up and get something like two Adire Audio Shivas and a JBL 600.1, or two Vega V-Maxes and a 600.1. Not much more, and MILES ahead of what you'll get as a Best Buy package deal.

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That's the truth

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Jon's right, I work at Best Buy and really RF stuff is junk, it's no better than the pioneer or Lightning Audio stuff right next to it, anyone seen those new RF's that just say punch on them and look like plastic cone's man are those a joke, I've honestly never heard a junkier subwoofer in my life, a headunit is too much power for them(thats a joke) they flat out suck, i would say buy jensen stuff before those subs. Bottom line, Rockford CANNOT build stuff like they used to....not even close.
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