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New or used amps?ryan c.2
Bigg Problem!!! Need Some HelpMike Loudon1
Amp for 12" kicker vr?AL1
For Sale: 2 jl 12w7's.....jl 1000/1 must selladam sss4
Is this amp compatible with these subs?ryan carter10
New system..need amp adviceAndrew Fox10
My bass comes out of my subs but also my front and rear speakersJoseph2
Briding a 4 channel to subbrad mcintee1
How much amp do i need??jimmy carpenter3
Will a 700s work with 2 adire audio shivasblare holz1
Need good 1k watt monoblock class d ampGrizzly3
2 Amps 2 Subs 1 Set of 6*9'sRob Lay1
What is best amp for...Anonymous4
Tweeking the jl audio 500/1?Jonathan8
System problem..need expert advicehelpmeout3
Think this item on ebay is good?GlassWolf8
Amp neededGlassWolf6
Amp won't work rightjason Howard8
Amp problemsAnonymous1
My amp just went out can some one help....Brandon Spicer1
Anyone can help meGlassWolf2
GlassWolf please confirm !GlassWolf7
Question about ampGlassWolf2
I need help please!!!!!its_bacon122
My Amp Drains All ThE Power From My Battery What Should I Do?its_bacon122
Which amp should i go with?brian walker4
I need help to connect amp in blazerEvan3
Ground Wire....Joseph2
Amp Questionmare wojcik8
General Amp Question about OhmsGlassWolf6
8 ohm subGlassWolf2
Help with wiring a 55 ChevySasarai12
Can't eliminate noise's from SpeakersJonathan8
Need help with amp/sub setup - Alpine Type SBryanB4
1997 Chevy SuburbanWilliam Reed4
Help me choose the best amp out of these 6 !!!!HELP !!!GlassWolf10
Amp QuestionGreg Profitt1
Plz do me a favorjojomunky1
Car amp questionAnonymous2
Titanium 3.1 ohm ?inprogress1
Understanding dual voice coilssgw35611
Im the amplifier godron kozma3
Diagramsron kozma1
JL 250/1 vs Alpine MRD-M301SteveK13
Which amp for two 12' alpine type r'ssinister minister11
Pioneer GM-X862 2-Channel 760 Watts Car Ampdavids20043
What amp for 12" visonikdavids200413
Coustic Ampjeremie boop2
Will this work?its_bacon122
Amp for ecplise subs?davids20042
Amp troubles: on light flickersAnonymous10
Car alternatorGlassWolf7
Please Help me make my final decision on my amp!!! David Waddle3
DEI 1100 D, where can i get one ?cody john miller2
No soundjoao ferreira4
Ground John Smith12
More speakers needed or overkill?Grmncrsnbr8
2 mtx thunder 6000 subs, which amp?new guy12
Cadence!!! Any thoughts!!!GlassWolf7
Remember Marathon subs?GlassWolf3
1000 watt amp with capacitor?????GlassWolf4
Boat stereo setup help(very challenging)Grizzly13
Finally made a decision... now how about the ampChris Brown20
Difference between amps?davids20043
Best amp for kenwood w3009 12'sdavids20043
Best system setup for 2 solo-baric L7sdavids20049
Understanding ohms / wiring subsdavids20042
New Amp....projectbass1
Amp Problems....projectbass4
Kenwood, Xtant, or JBL?Andrew10
Worth keeping or no?jeremie boop8
3-ohm loads and good mathGlassWolf10
Would a JBL GTO601.1 power a Rockford 10" p3 well?Joseph5
Are the JL Slash Amps Really that good ?davids20045
I need help finding an ampdavids20042
2 dvc 2 ohm subs @ 4ohmJayJ4
Amp PROBLEM: when car is started, amp flickers on/offjake koska1
Best amplifier to use for 2 solo-baric L7sChris Pansler1
A quick question (i hope a quick answer)curtis P4
Are soundstream amps good amps?GlassWolf6
Ohms an amp will run at?GlassWolf3
Ohm hookup to ampGlassWolf5
Is 2 ohm or 4ohm better?GlassWolf2
Directed amps any good?JayJ2
Sound problemken moua3
Arc or Memphis ??GlassWolf13
Trying to properly tune my amp, HELP!GlassWolf2
JBL 1200.1 GOOD ENOUGH?marshall white2
Amp Problems....GlassWolf3
Need help with Alpine amp.....GlassWolf2
Amp TroubleGlassWolf6
This Legacy sucks help meGlassWolf3
Sound quality helpGlassWolf2
Parallel and Series wiring?Anonymous2
Shiva ampAnonymous6
Amplifier sound problemsjoao ferreira5
This Legacy sucks help methislegacysucks1
Good deal, or too good to be true?Pat Lorenz3
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