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Need some help wiringjohn4
Port size on sundowner sa 8john36
Old School JL Audio 15" Sub, possibly a W3??? Need help identifying...JoRdOn7
Choosing sub for my amp...Rovin...12
How to move more air in a Nissan Sentra?...Rovin...14
Ohms/Amp power question...Rovin...3
HDC3 15 coming soon...Rovin...33
Maxium spl with minimal sq drop?joe durkham7
Ohms/Amp power questionErich Carsten1
Need response ASAPD Loco18
What would you choseSomeDonnieDude5
4 cubes tuned to 30hz? 4generation type r 12sEricB4
Box build for 1 audioque hdc3 15. around 4.5 cubes and around 35 hzEricB1
Box builder help please!...Rovin...2
Advice with building a complete system.William Pierce5
Subs cutting out Pease helpHanson3
Re xxx 15 or ???john12
1.9cuft 3/4 mdf box and what to installjohn2
Massive Audio? thoughts? opinions?Admin8
Using seperate enclosures vs. Single Enclosurejoe durkham6
Top 5 Loudest Bass Song Videocrazykidsmoker1
Been away from ecoustics for about 3 years now! aero port help...Rovin...7
TWIZTIDzack kraus10
Need Major Help!!!cadillac8
Pioneer Premier TS-W5102SPL vs 12w7cadillac9
What kind of box will work great for 1 CVX15" kicker sub???SlackinMack3
Anyone needs some speakers?TWiZTiD3
What kind of sub do i need?Help pleaseDrew7
Pair of subs wiring options helpJoEmArTiN6
I need help to find a subDrew1
2 13w6v2 ctscadillac3
2007 Dodge Ram Quad Cabtravis1
Install from a shop?SlackinMack11
Will Kicker DX Series 1000W Class D Mono MOSFET Amp blow 1 12"type ...SomeDonnieDude6
Quick wireing ?.D Loco5
MEMPHIS MOJO'S vs JLW712joe durkham5
Subs don't play when in aux or cd modejoe durkham3
2 12 w7 and 1 amp?john6
2 12w7 for a cadillac cts 08SlackinMack3
What about the noise pollution laws in ur area ? ...SlackinMack14
2 DD 1012's or 2 swr-1243d's D Loco11
2 great subs for less than 200$SomeDonnieDude7
What would work best?joe durkham2
Orion HCCA VS JLw7 12'scadillac4
Amp Problems. Greatttt. Little help naa?VC234
Sonic electronix vs amazon vs ebay...Rovin...3
Burp FrequenciesMark Highland5
Boston Acoustics SPG555-2 13 VS JLW7john2
3 12w6 BOX?john7
2009 chevy silverado crew cab LS speaker helpjoe durkham6
Soundstream RXW 12D Loco3
RE XXX anybody?M0nkeyman6925
Sub not hitting rightNick Adams8
Helping my friend build a new system...joe durkham5
Street Duty SDC2.5 12d4???mlstrass15
"Learn all you can from the mistakes of others...SomeDonnieDude7
What do you think about an RD/FI/AQ Hybrid?SomeDonnieDude4
Pioneer HU for sale cheapJoe S5
Impedance and WiringSlackinMack9
Back with the Skarcaveman14
18" DC level 4s and 5k DC amp for saleSlackinMack1
Rainbow comps, blown woofer?joe durkham12
Subwoofer not workingRenee May9
Triple 2/0 Amplifier Terminals (Pics inside)Sinful Systems Inc.©14
Please help me with a sub setup...Rovin...17
Happy New year b!tches ! ......Rovin...14
Need some help on what to do??john6
Head Unit not sending signal?Marc5
Dual 18" enclosure FOR SALE "FEELER"ROB BROWN28
Secret SantaTWiZTiD30
Amp w/o backplate?shopvac12
Guys really need help!!!E3 Overkill58
Enclosure design for Rockford Fosgate P3D210...Rovin...5
Secret Supreme Threadjoe durkham17
Tinsel wire recommendationsGlassWolf4
Small Budget Build HelpThieves26
Alonzo's frequency analysesjoe durkham36
2 Skar VVX-12 enclosure build joe durkham122
Terminology questionJ-Bam11
PaulPaul Larrea12
Want low end, but space is limiting me to 10's or 8's HELP!joe durkham106
Infinite Baffle Subs?joe durkham7
Some recent upgrades i have done.deathoob11
OT: PIONEER HUjoe durkham9
New Whip, $15k to spend, HELP WITH OPTIONS pleaseNolan Paul10
Bandpass widest rangechristiaan32
Help!!joe durkham17
Remember Him?Lord Huggington8
Acrylic on enclosurePaul Larrea13
Headunit won't turn on. Little Help naa?joe durkham10
What noobs sound likeVC2319
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