Massive Audio? thoughts? opinions?


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has anyone heard much about massive audio TW-10's?
or the massive audio amps?
they seem like a good deal when i have looked them up and everything. but i would like to hear your thoughts and opinions....especially anyone who has them or have had them before!
thanks guys!

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The amps used to be over rated a few years back so it wouldn't surprise me if it was still the same now. Can't say I've ever played with any though. All hear say on that.

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From what I can remember the new line of amplifiers are all CEA rated,so they will do rated power for sure. Maybe a little more. Theres a guy on DIYMA,I think his s/n is DAT,he is a Massive Audio dealer. I would contact him for the best deal and he could give you some more info on everything. He is always having sales on amps,subs,component speakers,etc from Massive. I havent heard much about the subs but Ive heard people talk good about the amps and component speakers. But like I said get ahold of DAT on DIYMA for all the info.

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how do i get ahold of him there? is that a website?

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There are plenty of cheap stuff, for subs try Obsidian audio or Audioque sdc2.5, nice stuff really inexpensive, for amps try Hifonics (CEA certified) or MB Quart both will do rated.

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i know you cant ask for cheap stuff and expect it to last or be as good as the top of the line stuff. but will those subs last? what i am trying to do is get a system put together for under the backseat of a pickup. air space is an issue but i'm trying to get as loud as possible with just 2 subs and an amp.

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Right all the stuff I advised will last, on the other side no stuff that is seriously misused will last, if a system is properly designed will last.

In your case DC Audio subs would be an option since they work in tight space.

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Bumping up, because there was a date issue on the above post.
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