3 12w6 BOX?


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3 JL 12w6v2 box ?
}I got a cadillac cts 08
i Got 3 12w6v2 I need a custom box built
MY back seats dont go down all however i do have a air escape in the middle of my back seats which is my cup holder
i would like to get a ported box made for my trunk I dont have any experience with sealed i think a sealed encloser would sound like crap with 3 12's what do you experts think

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all depends on wut type of music u listen too. if it all stays around the same frequency go ported but if u listen to all types of music go seal. Is it going to be a daily driver or are u trying to just get loud for compition?

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but i like ported i have never had a good experience with sealed

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"I dont have any experience with sealed"

"i have never had a good experience with sealed"

Regardless if you have experience or not is beside the point really. Sealed won't sound like crap if it's made properly and with that said, ported won't sound like crap either. It's 99% dependent on the build of the box and if it's built correctly in terms of quality, size, and tuning if ported. You sound like you're set on a ported box though so I won't bother selling you on a sealed box. Go with JL's recommendations for size and tuning and have had it.

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THE REASON WHY I WONT GO SEALED IS BECAUSE by back seats dont go down and ported sounds good but my amp i got for the three w6 does not make the subs sound good the ALpine M2000 and it sounds horrible so i want to change out the amp would you recomeend going for hd1200 or the ROckford t1500

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You need to first assess your system settings, wiring etc... make sure it all dialed in correctly, dont assume the equipment or enclosure is what making your system sound horrible...

if you cannot do it, then get some one can...

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all i can say is,
"ive heard it all now"

that amp makes 1500wrms@4ohm and 2000wrms@2ohm
and is a very good amp for those sub,
look at the wiring of you subs there dual 4ohm

you need to run each sub in series then parallel all 3 together giving you 2.66ohm@amp, that should make that amp around 1800wrms, 600wrms per sub

my opinion would be one box with 3 sealed sections, made in 3/4" or 1", with each section having an internal volume of 1.2-1.3cuft and a total volume of 3.6-3.9cuft, including sub displacement

and leave your seats up, forget there even there, and face all 3 subs to the rear of car + buy some dynamat and put it everywhere you can.

but if you dead set on ported
one box 3 sealed/ported sections
each 2cuft (including port and sub displacement) or 1.5cuft excluding port but including sub displacement
with a port of 1.5x12.5x27"

keep the amp you got, but get it tuned and wired by someone who knows what there doing
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