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So I got a new used car and hooked up my sub/amp and something just isnt right. It doesnt hit like it did when it was in my truck. Its the same amp,sub,HU,wiring,box,etc just in another vehicle. It just sounds weak and if I turn the volume above 20-22 it cuts off and turns off my HU for a couple seconds then comes back on. Im thinking its a ground problem. I took the DMM to my sub b/c I thought maybe a wire on the inside of the box came loose but it reads around 1.2 and yes my amp is 1ohm stable. I really hope its just a ground issue but I dont know what else it could be. I sanded the hell out of the metal before grounding the amp but the bolt I used just didnt feel too secure and I just couldnt find a stock bolt in the trunk to use. They make some kind of ground terminal or ground dist. blocks dont they? Im thinking one of those would be my best bet. Does this sound like a ground issue to you all? Link me to something I can hook up my ground wire to and know for sure its a solid connection.

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Now is this thing what Im looking for? By using this my ground would be the terminal itself right? Not the metal in my trunk. Im trying to find something I can ground my amp to besides sanding down the bare metal in my trunk and using a bolt to ground my amp. Would this work alright? Hope that made some sense.

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Same audio but not same electrical I guess.

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Really Twiz? lol. You should know this!

Regardless, the ground terminal you have in that link still needs to be attatched and secured to bare metal in your new, but used, vehicle. You just can't attactch the cable and let the terminal dangle there...

Overall, I don't think purchasing a ground terminal will solve the cutting in-and-out problem. It's obviously an electrical issue with the vehicle itself or, a potential user error wiring issue!

You know what needs to be done Twiz!

As far as the Subwoofer not performing the same, the problem itself may just very well be the vehicle itself. By this I mean the shape, internal volume and location on where the Subwoofer is located. You just can't simply expect it to sound and perform the same way when changing a huge variable like that.

Try building a new Subwoofer Enclosure and tune it differently to see if it performs any better.

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vehicle interior acoustics can make a noticeable difference

my latest experience with this was just this past sunday , i had a 10" incriminator audio 187 in my other wagon which i recently sold & this 10 used to slam & make ppl think its a 12 or 2 10s but sunday i put this same sub in box in my new wagon & output dropped because new wagon has alot more fabric upholstery in it than my old wagon which had more plastic upholstery ...

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Well its not just the ground on my amp. I have had my sub turned off on the HU for a few days now and yesterday I turned the volume up and my HU turned off and reset even without the sub on. So I guess I have some kind of wiring problem with my HU too or maybe just my HU. Im going to have to pull out my HU a take a look at the wiring and make sure everything is correct. Maybe its a ground problem with the HU itself.

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This sounds alot like what happens if u have a pos. And neg. Wire swapped on the sub. Also, you may have the subs wired improperly, putting impedence outside of the acceptable range of your amp. Did u say what amp/subs?? What u got? And what ur hu and mids,highs?

Also....yes u have to make bare-to-bare metal connections from amp to the chassis.

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Hu problem: try running a wire straight from your batt into your head unit. 12g should work (don't go through all the trouble running it through your firewall and dash at first) just pull your HU out and run it right over the door. If it works then do a perm.. Install. As far as subs go agreed the car more then likely has a different acustic. Need more info on subs amp and hu/ car model
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