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I have no clue what type of subs to put under the seat in my pickup.
This is a box that i have heard some good things about
at the end it list subs that are recommended for that box.
When i had my car I had 2-12" Alpine type R's and i wasn't very impressed with them. Maybe it is because i was powering them with a 2000 watt monoblock quantum audio amp.
I want something that will really shake stuff up!!!

Anyway, I really need help deciding what the best sub/amp/box would be best to go with. I want to put 2-10" subs under the seat of my pickup (2007 Dodge Ram Quad Cab)
-I need basically everything, whether 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm is better, types of subs.

PLEASE HELP. all help and suggestions are greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance guys

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1...Are u wanting these subs under front or rear seats?
2...Are u willing to sacrifice your floorboard or maybe one of the back seats??
3...What kind of music do u listen to most often?
4... are u planning on doing install urself? Build box urself?
5...I gather that u need to buy an amp, sub(s), box, HU, wiring. Is this correct?

As far as watts go, the most RMS u will be able to push with stock electrical is about 1000-1200. It will need to be a 1-ohm stabe (mono block) class D amp. If u want 2 subs, get dual 4 ohm coils in order to wire to 1 ohm. I like sundown amps from

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Username: Trpiep01

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1... i want 2- 10" under the back seat of my pickup.

2... i dont want to sacrifice my backseats or the floorboard, i'm thinking just straight up 2-10's in a fox acoustics box under the seat. (have you heard anything about fox acoustics boxes?)

3...I listen to a mix of rap, rock, and country

4...i'm planning on installing myself if i can figure out how to install the head unit.... i dont have the skill required to build a box

5.... i need the two subs an amp that matches up well with it and the wiring and all that....what is HU?

as far as subs go i have been looking at these:
massive TW-10's
Fi audio???
treo SSi
JL 10W6-V2 (out of my price range but i might save up)
any suggestions on subs amp box everything would be great
thanks slackinmack

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JL audio 13TW5 GET LIKE 2 of them well be really nice Upload

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I'm not sure if i want to get shallow mounts.... i have never really heard anything good about them. have you had shallow mounts before? and i definitely want to stay with 10's. i dont have enough space for 12's so i dont want to spend more on 12's that wont work to their full potential with the space i have

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NO i have never had a truck before i drive sedans cadillacs but i have heard good reviews on this sub its 13" require very little amount of room i think 0.08" so pretty sure you can fit a box bigger than that not to mention it takes 250 watts to power them to optimal performance so with 2 of these on 1 JL500/1 SHOULD SLAM HARD
LOOK UP the video on you tube to see if you like it...

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i definitely like the sound....but i also looked up the sub and i cant afford them thank you tho! they seem like good subs

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save up thats what i am doing trust me i know but its best to do it right the first time then not doing a few times like me i baught 4 kicker L7 in sets of 2 fried them, 2 w612v2 they were nice but not loud enough but they did give out a good pounding so im getting the 2 13w6v2 on a 1000/1v2amp im saving up for everything total is like 3000$$ the 13w6 pushes 89% more air then the 12w6 dont rush it take your time and save up the people on this forum have allote of knowledge to help you out i know they helped me out and kept me from buying the w7 so now im getting the 2 13w6
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