Will Kicker DX Series 1000W Class D Mono MOSFET Amp blow 1 12"type r sub?


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Username: Andy305mia

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Registered: Nov-05
Will i blow 1 alpine 12" type r sub with this amp?

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Username: Joe1234

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Depends on the quality of the power you are sourcing to the amp, how you setup the amp and how well designed is your box.

Very skilled guys can drive a type R near 1K without issues.

But high impedance power costs a lot how about about 2 type R on an audioque 1200d...Much better, way louder for $70 or so more!!

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without trying to sell you anything, and factoring into account your prior knowledge of things by the question you asked in the first place and the equipment you are dealing with, I would say.........YES you will blow that sub because you are most likely playing it as loud as you can, with the gain all the way up, clipping the hell out of it, and using a BestBuy box. Turn gain halfWay and depending on your box, you should get many hours of good sound from your sub. Kicker amps are strong!

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Username: Andy305mia

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I already have the amp, I would like to use a single 12" sub for the amp. Can anybody make some good recommendations?

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Username: Joe1234

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A single Fi SSD (about $200) handles 1K (rated) at 2 ohm with excellent sound quality and bottom end.

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Username: Somedonniedude

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I would think the Fi SSD would be a good match. If you plan on playing it hard, I would at least get the cooling option or Flatwound coil option (or both). Will increase the thermal power handling. _Speakers/0040_SSD/product_overview.shopscript

An audioque hdc3 would also be a good choice, granted you are not going to be putting it in a small prefab enclosure.

Are you going to be building you're own box? or have a custom box built? a properly built and tuned enclosure is just as important as important as the woofer thats going in it.
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