What do you think about an RD/FI/AQ Hybrid?


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Well I finally cooked my RD Audio Alpha after 3 years now, and shes in need of attetion. I have been wondering about reconing it. Im just lost and dont know what parts i need. Does it have to have a special cone, surround, spider, any of that? Do any of you guys have expirence with recones? All help it greatly appreciated. ~Logan

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RD Audio sells recones, you can also check but you will need to know what to order:

Anyhow if you blew the sub either you are doing something wrong or your setup just don't have enough output. Maybe you should consider some upgrades.

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Well it wasnt really an accident. I just got a new sundown 3500D and wanted to she what she could really do. But after having it for almost 3 years now im just ready for something different. Ive really been wanting to try build a hybrid just for sh!ts and giggles.

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Simple route is call RD and get a drop in. Atomic should be able to supply a recone as well since they are their supplier. Im sure Fi could also build you a recone as well. If looking for something a bit more custom I'd check out, davids a really stand up guy!

Maybe you could get a hold of a TC sounds style basket or something with a ~9" spider landing and build a cool hybrid woofer for longer excursion .

If you were happy with the way the woofer performed in the past I would stick with atomic/rd softparts as they are some of the best quality (maybe even the best) in the industry.
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