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2 12's vs 1 15 (RD alpha vs FI btl) SQ comparison NOT SPLQuentin27
Raymond aparicio¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤3
Thanks for the help guys but i need one more thingzack kraus6
RCA quality- Myth?Abarca6
High Output Alt.[...Rovin...]13
Use of a loading board for sealed sub?? Steven12
Upgrading system-MisterLDR7
Whats UPStavenmist3163
Elmer's fumes ?dBlk8
Old DebateKevin Holden7
Whats better for SPL????UNKNOWN7
1500w sub?SomeDonnieDude15
Called hunter w and still baffled???zack kraus18
Wanted----12" sub for ~850 @ 2 ohm. $150 PAYPAL READYUNKNOWN19
RD vs American BassD-money29
OT HyrdraulicsZac Davis6
Glass wolfkyle11
PUT THE XXXS IN MY CAR...Mauricio Pinto125
APX motor daily? Anyone know?SomeDonnieDude14
Not OT, where is the list of popular bass tracks to be played thoug...Polo5
My New BoxAtreidies16
New rim pictures..Mauricio Pinto28
OT HALO 3Thieves47
Alpine Type RMark Brockman8
Yanks Fan Owned :-)...D-money31
Farenheit CK-12D subs, made by Power Acoustik Benjamin Lukas Kenne39
Kicker PSR 120 Powered SubstationI'm not gay but $20 6
Box building... how many cubic feet???I'm not gay but $20 4
Dual 4ohm l7 to a 1500bd rockfordI'm not gay but $20 10
My first system vid!!!lOwLiFe19
Need Some Help...steve sween5
RD AUDIO* NEW WORLD RECORDI'm not gay but $20 31
10" L7 amp wringing... need opinions...jose6
Help with box for 12" btl pleaseBassman32
FS: Audioque SD2.5 12"UNKNOWN15
Ill be gone for a bitMark Brockman15
My Sub[...Rovin...]3
To those who care... what else i got done with my wallBenjamin Lukas Kenne114
OT-F/S dd 3518 d2scott s9
Kevin DuckwitzKevin Duckwitz6
HU problemsMisterLDR1
2000 focus door panesMisterLDR4
Shallow Mount Sub??Andrew8
Best sub for SPLJK7
Sub Box Help Needed[...Rovin...]5
Precision Power Amp[...Rovin...]2
Post your system PICS!JoRdOn37
Kicker L7 vs powerbass 3xl vs audioque Hdc312Nick V13
New subwoofer with super pricing straight to youSomeDonnieDude48
Box Build Suggestions[...Rovin...]2
Test tonesStavenmist31610
RE box dementionsStavenmist31620
What would the best setup be? New at thisQuentin10
Audioque sd 2.5 12 sean5
OT: but need help badly[...Rovin...]4
Lol what do yall think about the size comparison...Mark Brockman15
2 Recent Box Builds ...Ben8
13w7 or 2 MTX 9512-44 subsJoRdOn20
Best subs for a small hatchbackKevin Duckwitz38
4000 @ 2 ohms or @ .5 ohmsean50
OT: You guys have to watch this!Kevin Duckwitz10
Sub or amp problemanthony9
(FS) 04/05 RE XXX 12" D4 $320shipped¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤4
OT Looking for a new head unit...UNKNOWN9
Update new TL numberD-money28
DD pricing?sean6
Best sub around 500 watts rms for $200UNKNOWN19
Need advice on first system for ford ranger. Help please[...Rovin...]7
Dare I say: Pyramid.Stavenmist31626
Ecoustics Adds...Mark Brockman5
Subwoofer cutting in and out due to headunitzack kraus5
Audiopipe wireBenjamin Lukas Kenne5
Tossing a few ideas aroundbruce moore12
New install I'm working on...Mark Brockman13
Best place to aim ports in trunk?Mauricio Pinto12
What do you guys perferJK4
Bought a sub for a recone project and...[...Rovin...]3
FacebookBenjamin Lukas Kenne3
ATTN: LA, MS, TX, AR People!!!Mauricio Pinto3
Should I wall the grand prix???julius wilson19
Death rattle?Benjamin Lukas Kenne3
Re again... this time need an answer plzBenjamin Lukas Kenne11
Know it all uncle lolBig D15
~Ported vs. Sealed~ROB BROWN17
Solobarics.comROB BROWN6
Has anyone seen the new Optidrives?ROB BROWN1
Tips please.Mark Brockman21
Which amp?jeremy m9
Iraggi AlternatorsAndrizzle13
~My New Box Build ~ VideoSPL Ninja12
Alternator upgrade questionLiveyman3
Found a steal :DWolfcalibur5
Which would you choose?Mark Brockman2
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