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*****18 inch WANGIN......$#%$$$$JK23
Wanna trade?Big_Edge_Head13
Any1 have cerwin vega strokers for salemike11
BM EnclosureLogan4
I need help on making my boxBenjamin Lukas Kenne19
Alpine Type XTroy Jones9
Will someone just tell this guy.....Paul Larrea4
'05 Mustang Install, Finally!!sean13
Well, I got a HUsean3
Bass CD'sYanks Fan6
Loudest Sealed subs....SomeDonnieDude11
Sub Woofer Polarity with a multi meter?JK8
Help getting subskirmoney6
135.8db TLReece Brassler21
Alpine Type X or MTX 9500?matt lennon12
Ed 7kv.2Kevin2
Help picking out JK2
Some New/Recent songs to downloadKiLLa12
A/d/s 5 1/4 enclosure volume?cam6
Wood for box[...Rovin...]14
Chad BernyMAC20
RD SHW reconesDrivingreckless16
TC Sounds Lowered their pricesvisitor43
Alpha 15v.2.d2s for saleTrey AKA thug money4
Bass QuestionJoshua Moye14
Need help making up mind on new 12Thieves4
I need a home audio reciever.Paul Larrea16
Where can i get 1/0 gauge wire?mark allen coe9
The AMP is here!!!/\/\ike22
Audioques amps coming real soon#%&$^&Y^Logan4
FS: 2 15" Rockford Fosgate T115D2 150$Craig RR5
FS:intsall accMr_Kebo1
Online payne4
Twin City Slam....#'s and suchCanaan11
HAVOX R HERE!Andrizzle37
Wiring 4 Alpine Type R 4ohm 15"sjake papa3
My focus :-)...Mike Loudon15
20 HeRtZzZ Drivingreckless38
Hey Chad, ya back up and running??Rob3
Chad, your sister is hot, HOOK ME UP!Chad Lee39
900+wrms. what sub(s) ?goodie17
Cleaned up the Alerho for tomorrow.Rob18
What amp and how to wire it?KingXOfXCleveland5
Well, made the decision on Wolfman6
No Terminals in Box BuildTremor112718
2 or 4 ohm?keith5
Last Chance for a Steal Deal on Zx2500.1KiLLa14
Alpine V12 MRDM605 run a single Alpine 12" R SWR-1242D Brian7
Bass RadiatorAndre Money6
Stock comp wiring question..Polo1
Improve SQ on HU??cal payne3
Adire audioJK7
Which is better?mike4
Pure spl sub whats the bestPaul Larrea76
Back from comp, few pics and new numbersNick V27
BOX BUILDING: tools[...Rovin...]3
Amp Kitnotoriousss3
Big three done, soemthign weird happend.....Eddy DieZe2
Problem solved!!Wolfman8
Solo x S.P.A.I.R. question??Project pat13
FOR all you 8 haters!Dustin Pettit33
Why is negative terminal on box HOT?Renegadesrun9
Which of these is best....Chauncey Brown9
Who has the fastest car on here?J Noel88
Need help figuring out how to make ports for boxBrett Stahlman1
Atomic 24'' SubJames Longo11
Massive RS 100 or Audiobahn A8002t for a pair of MAW 12s?JK5
DD sub pricing?JK9
Need 800-1000rms @ 1 or 4 ohmLuis Collazo14
Look what i got installled yesterday picsjames caroll13
My new bumber sticker im making..TWiZTiD14
Stupid ppl.Th3Vir3s2
PayPal Buyer Credit Torn Saechao9
Help me w/ power wireMendon Mafia4
Power antennaTh3Vir3s9
?....similarities between subs...ryan shaw5
HpfMendon Mafia1
Bike run.Ben3
FS: SVR 33-12 batt CHEAP!SGDenny4
New ampjesse4
Need Help find a system!!!DC9
DD subsJK17
Figuring out an amplifier efficiency??/\/\ike4
Thinkin about a new setupAbarca3
Video on Tinsel Slap???David Allen Coe2
8 gauge fuse holderJack11
These screens any good?...Mike Loudon2
WiringJoshua Moye14
Check it outPaul Larrea24
Hook up car sub to home theater system?Paul Larrea4
Anyone want to buy 2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1D's?Jamie2
Big_edge_head Only DaKangOfKrunk3
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