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The show turned out pretty good, though it started out rough. My TL took a crap on me, had to get a second meter.

Last time i checked, we had 26 entries and people were still signing up.

I have some of the score cards w/ me are some of the #'s:

146.5-civic hatch w/ 2 mtx7515's and and RF t3002
143.5- some guy in a mazda
142.6- kx600.1, no clue on subs
138.8- nissa maxima w/ 2 cvr 12's
(bunch more in this class...had ~10 entries in it)

148.9- Jesse..had 4 old school lanzar 18's on an old lanzar 1200
147.4- 4 DD 1508's in a dakota on an earthquake amp
143.8- autotek mm1000d on 2 L712's in a blazer

143.2- Joker w/ his ALL DUCT TAPE BOX!!! This box had about 5 brads in it, the rest was litterally held together w/ 6-7rolls of duct tape (went to walmart last nite to get 4 rolls of tape for 2 15yr old Cerwin Vega 15's on a memphis 1000d. He smoked 1 15 on the second run. He built the box for the h3ll of it :-)

143.2- Eric w/ 2 sundown 1000d's on 4 eD subs sealed in a honda passport.

142.20 Joker again, w/ his 2 L7's in a fiberglass sealed box in the 350z

139.4- DJ Tucker, he posts on here from time to time...was running a diesel audio 3000.1nz


Only 2 entries in this class...should been only 1, but some guy w/ 2 sony "1200w amps" argued that he had to be in this class :-)

139.1- that

153.3- dave schmidt (louisianacrx on other forums) 1 DDz1a and an interesting combo of subs :-)...2 9510G's...1 9510e, 1 2510. the 2510's dustcap cracked

i'll put some pics and vids up tomorrow prolly...David took all the pics, so they are on his comp (as well as all the other TL #'s)

Oh...and BTW, my 2 3515's on one 20.1 w/ my 34hz port in did 149.3 @ 47hz and was still over 147 at 37hz :-)...that was AFTER demo-ing it all morning. I never got a chance to try to 46hz port. My dash waves like a sheet in the wind. I'll get some vids and such tomorrow.

Show was great, and we showed people what DD in daily installs can do. EVERYONE there w/ kicker now want DD :-)

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Will have to wait on pics.

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It was a good turn out. Had alot of fun. Thanks alot Canaan for putting in money for something interesting around here. I'm sure everybody had fun.

Btw, that guy that claimed to have 2 sony 1400 watt amps was my cousin rofl.

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Nick, thanks for taking care of my entry fee, don't care that I didn't win, had a good time anyway, and broke the 135db barrier, which makes me happy

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Are you going to run another IA20.1 to those two DD3515's?

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143 was really winner of 1201-2400. i woulda dominated that dovision. damn :/

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Hahaha that looks so f*#&d as far as scores vs. power. There werent to many people to compete in those ranges im guessing. At 2400rms + it starts to looks better though... except that guy pushing 600rms or so thinking its 2400....... LMAO!!!!!!! Gotta love them sony people they always give you a good laugh

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ha yea thats funny. but one of the 600's were loud. 146+ real good.

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Yes...i'm gettin a second 20.1 sooner or later.

I'm bout to go make a vid right now.

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That 146+ in the 0-600 clas was running a little civic hatchback. My god was that thing loud. It was a daily box too.

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Well, couldnt get pics of the comp....David forgot to bring them to work. But here are some vids of my truck (my camera sux...doesnt pickup half of the flex and audio is fvkt):

Roof flex: lex1.flv

Didnt have a girl w/ long hair on hand, so here is a bag-trick: ick1.flv

Another bag-trick, this one is better: ick2.flv
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