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Future System HopefullyBlake Anderson12
(kicker) 2 15" comp cvr or 1 15 L7?Joey DeSalvo8
Who plays guitar hero?!Joey DeSalvo29
Footballa aka $Kody$ BeN5
15s 2000wrmsKevin Holden19
Somethin funny just hppened to me..$Kody$6
What is your dream system$Kody$15
DualPhillip Solorio2
Who wants this amp?SkieS7
Best subs for Hip Hop/ Rap musicArthur7
New box for my btlmatt27
Which would sound better and get louder?Steinkea5
Hd3 vs blBeN13
I need some help...Carl14
Infinity Kappa Perfect?Arthur22
Anyone Need a Box Built??? # 6C.Free31
Dual 12" box for sale $100 shipped!!!Chris Tonsager18
Police ScannerMarcus Thompson8
Need a little help guysWolfman13
How to Wire correctly? (I'm Stupid) :-)...matt10
FU-18 VS FI BTL 18Chauncey Brown6
A little PIC action.Finally.Drivingreckless20
Subwoofer works, but speakers dontSGDenny6
Will this be badDru Da Jew11
Alpine cda-9856 for sale. check it outIce T. Meyers7
Fi SSD or audioque sd2.5 or wat yall recommend?Snarl200416
Where to buy crystal comp's? ReArrangeYaMind2
CDT audio speakers ReArrangeYaMind2
2 ohm or 4 ohmMichael Edwards3
Enclosure calculators suck, need help designing enclosure plez....TJBaSsMeKaNiK6
Whos drunk again.....Paul Larrea15
Name these songs?Jamie5
Would i need another batteryJamie2
Are kole audio amps good??killerzracing7112
What amp should I run for this application?Sinful Systems Inc.9
Amp for Fi BL?Scott Atwell24
Bxi 2006d to a BTL 12 (STOCK)Scott Atwell6
BTL Config??Scott Atwell8
Hey chaunceyWolfman3
Zapco OR crystal ?? Chauncey Brown5
Car Stereo box calculatorTJBaSsMeKaNiK3
Fusion...Cody Dunn7
Former DD 9900Jordan Singleton9
This doesnt seem right, what do you think???why8
Install kit questionwhy8
I need info M.S.18
Which is more efficientTony Harrell4
Other that performM.S.2
4 8"s????goodie11
Should i sell itGavin14
True Bass SolutionsDru Da Jew1
Pushing Past The Type R's[...Rovin...]8
Fun factDru Da Jew12
Which One?BeN10
Speaker making weird noises..Mr. Skullz4
Help choosing a subRyan kirk34
1 or 2Carl8
KICKERSinful Systems Inc.43
Amp for these subs?C.Free9
What is itM.S.2
Sundown audioDru Da Jew4
$100 budget on either 6x9 or mids.{Mr. KingRob}3
It should be fine....right?grant law2
15 L7??M.S.14
The ont hat started the revolution....good ol times but simply the ...grant law25
Back in the day... remember str8t g of the eazzy???{Mr. KingRob}1
Kevin holden...Kevin Holden3
Kevin holden...trey goettling1
Type R 15" vs. S15L7ctmike33
Should I get this battery?Nick V26
Fully Loaded BL 15" $275 ShippedChad Lee8
C4 car audio??? trey goettling10
Any golfers here?Chad Lee21
Cheap 15 sub'S???denim21
These amps LOok alike LOL killerzracing714
Fiber glass or Resin for my BOX sonC. Reming5
Rca vs. speaker wire imputs on ampGlassWolf2
Cvx vs type rS.L.A.B.4
What do you think would be louder?KiLLa8
OT: fun fact[...Rovin...]23
? about cars electrical systemC. Reming12
Fiberglass all up in my boxC. Reming7
Next plzsteve french6
Just did a SPL test :-)...KiLLa139
Let's Try this again, sub(s) for a Hifonics BXi 1206Dwhy13
My posts keep disapperin.WTFlivin'loud3
12's or 15'sC. Reming20
LMFAO Do YOu believe this sh!t?cwilk14
Chad leeChad Lee2
Box tuningDru Da Jew4
Need anything else??C.Free7
Best sub for this ampgrant law20
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