Somethin funny just hppened to me..


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well where i live we own about an 1 1/2 acres. Anyway i was tearin up my field with my truck just driven around havin some fun and then suddenly this guy comes outta the bushes and starts walkin twards me. i turn my bass down and then he comes over and tells me he lives 4 houses down (about a quartermile everyone here owns a lota land) and my music was shakin his house and he could cleearly hear it. i felt kinda bad and said i would turn it down but he said it was cool and then i showed him how loud it really got...all he could say is damn.

i was just surprised how far away these subs could be heard. :-)

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Yeah same here i was parked in a park blasting my music when i got a call from a friend that lives about 4 blocks away and he asked me if i was at the park bumping and i said yeah why and he said he could hear me way down there and thats with my L7s which according to eveyone on this forum are crap so i can picture how far a BL or BTL will be heard

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i dont think L7's are crap. however i dont think there a great value especially when you could get Fi, but they do get LOUUUUUD

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L7s 15's or 12 and what amp u have on em raymond

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L7s are fairly loud, it's their sh!tty build quality and SQ that makes them suck overall.

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yea my buddy has some and he regrets getting them..
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