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Place to get metered in NJjoe1
LEAP 5.0 enclosure shop...<where to get it????Trevor Eaton8
DVC QuestionInfinity Addict3
Does lower ohms affect sound quality?Joe Smoe5
12 Type R VS 12 Re SxMike Jones19
What type of box??!!/Andrew Morris4
Opinions On RE XXXmikechec97
Im a dumb @ssJoe Smoe3
Type R box???Chad1
WHAT KIND OF SUBS DO I NEED??? HELPdustin alan legrady11
RE XXX Plan....Need help with box/amp etcProks1
Looking For A Reliable Sub...Rovin14
Pioneer Premier TS-3004SPL Subs, Anybody know about them?Bumpin Ford Focus1
Wiring up the subChad Lee5
Amp Suggestion For 2 12 Pioneer TS-W306DVC - 400RMSRovin4
BOX for SUBS!CarAudio3
When i turn the sub upside down it makes a horrible soundmikechec95
Audiobahn AW1206T vs kicker solobaric L5ucfsaxman4
Tuning a box 28Hz-34HzTrevor Eaton10
Subsonic Filter....matt thigpen12
5cuft net. 4 ports. 2 ID 16in length each port. whats my tune?Trevor Eaton12
Kicker L7 vs 2 kicker cvrsTrevor Eaton3
Perfect Amp For Cerwin Vega V-MaxTyler2
Whats wrong?!?!? my subs are making scratchy sounds!Anonymous6
SVC or DVCQuick Shot2
Treo subsMuddyWaters10
Optimal Sub wire sizemikechec95
Kicker cvr vs kicker solabaric L5Chris Engarde8
Kicker Solabaric L7Pavel4
Important box help for a Type R SubPavel3
RE SX?Pavel9
Kicker cvr vs alpine type-rChris Engarde1
Kole audio ampsPavel5
Alpine alternative?hondarider6
Alpine Type-R vs EverythingChris Engarde1
A new sub for my ampPhilip7
15" Alpine Type R SWR-1521DMark S3
E-mails to REmatt thigpen1
My crazy, cheap, but yet powerful idea. AUDIOQUETrevor Eaton4
Im stuck!matthew christison13
Match of the weekQuick Shot14
RE re??Rovin2
New sub 3004 or 3002 spl to kicker L5Anonymous3
Can Two Boss 1500wrms power these? Rovin12
Spl vs sqlmikechec94
Ideal subs/\/\ike21
NEED SYSTEM , $1500 to bump hard!Rovin20
Good deal,
15" Alpine Type R SWR-1521D or 12" Rockford T112D2rebel7
Better OhmSimon J Casey4
Anyone who's interested.Tyler1
1 or 2 12" subs under $300Tyler4
10" p2s rocksford CarAudio15
Is this even possible?James Longo20
12 vs 15, sealed vs ported????Quick Shot2
RE or TiJames Longo4
Rockford vs alpineSmitty2
180A Alternator + Powder Coating...Tyler7
Kicker 15" C154 Subwoofersbigdaddiebrad1
Help REs???MuddyWaters2
Rear dashGlassWolf2
Good Bass SubMuddyWaters16
Ppl Who Have The Re Sxscott DeBaker11
Help with my Alpine SWR 1242James Longo2
Dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm?CarAudio6
Amplifier for Alpine Type RPhilip4
Audiobahn new alum12ndustin alan legrady16
Alpine hu'smikechec96
15" or 12"mikechec98
2 cerwinvega vmax 12s vs 1 IDMAX 12, which will be louderJames Longo5
If anyone is interested let me know!James Longo12
Alpine R-type vs. Kicker solobaricTyler8
$700 Budget SystemTyler14
Old school Alpine Type-R vs. New Alpine Type-RMark S2
Alpine Type-R vs Kicker CvrTyler5
Port location on a boxShayan Simantob1
This is the setup going in my s10Halter16
Port Question????REDSKIN5
Treo SUBSMuddyWaters5
Need help finding cheap subsJames Longo28
Adhesive for Carpetlol7
1 12 inch sub for $150?Rovin5
Stupid question....but i got nothing better to do than ask it...James Longo11
HELP needed, Re sx subs information./\/\ike4
500/1 for 2 10w6v2 ?Rovin3
Which of the three will be the "loudest" with 700w.....Ryan10
Alpine Type R'sJames Longo2
This possible?Kevin Bosini1
Sub SizeChris Engarde8
2 12" RE SX???...mike4
RE's new product line's...Chris Person1
12 inch ty[pe r vs 2 12 inch re re?Rovin13
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