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Bridgable or none BridgableRobert9
Clif designsbrad from PA1
Glasswolf, isaac, good is the re 12.1 ampIsaac6
What'd u guys do when the forum broke down !?Rovin5
Avalanche ampVincent3
Power problemsYoung James2
Need help with sonyxm-222mk2 ampYoung James5
Inphase 2400 problemsCarl2
Help Me NEW AMp Installtion. AMP Not pusshing.Chris Person3
Ampscuba steve2
Who can solve my problem?Anonymous14
Broken Amp?????scuba steve2
Toyota camryJames G11
Maddox in all his glory lolBrandon6
Can it be done?!?Chauncey Brown5
Type-r cheap, sorry fourum messed upChauncey Brown5
14 voltsJake Hill8
Sugestions ?!?!??!??!?!!?Robert4
I have 2 Kicker CompVR's in a Sealed Box!Rovin2
2 Chan amp to Mono?Rovin7
ESX or Pioneer?Rovin6
2 l5 audiobahn a8000tTyler5
Peak output current in excess of 50A for virtually limitless power Jake Hill4
Amp Cutting Outscuba steve2
2 amps to 1 cap...Brandon3
How do i hook up 2 amps to 2 speakers?mixneffect5
Bridging SpeakersJohn Loomis1
Elemental Design amps?mikechec92
AMP GETS REALLY HOT!!!!Excess mobile audio6
Kicker vs. alpineExcess mobile audio10
Atlanta people role call!!!Excess mobile audio1
Bridging 8 0mh subwooferJexx7
Car stalling...power cablejohn doan3
Problem with my amp "protection"john benson5
Where to run the REM wirePhil Del Bello7
Amp questionJexx2
Is this right?Rovin10
Yeah i need some help loljohn benson3
REM wire94celica3
Bridging 8 ohm subwooferM G4
How much can i sell my Zapco Z400C4-SL Amp 4?brian mendez1
Ppower supplykillerzracing712
Ahh!! Annoying Car Wheeze from the front speakers!Brandon3
Ed nine.1 or re 12.1XKawn4
MTX 1501dKaramjit Singh6
Clip light comes on when gain is set rightkillerzracing717
Just got new systemJake Hill4
Recommended Amp?Ty4
What i need to no when buying amp & subsTy6
F/s- ///////////Alpine mono-channel ampsTy1
Orion Concept 97.3Mike DiSanto8
Help me pick an amp for alpin type x 3000 watts maxChauncey Brown9
RF 451S AMP 2ND POSTsls3
Alpine amp/sub help...Jerrone Hornbeak3
Rf 451s ampsls10
Everyday my subs get quieter and quieter! other issuesJoe Smoe3
Gain and Head Unit voltage.......Question!Jexx2
Crossfire vr1000d J-Dubb1
Question about how much current my amps can pullGlassWolf4
Amplifier Supply Filters (Capacitors)GlassWolf5
I must have been crazy to want this AmpMike19
Fiber optics?mikechec914
What amp should i get?MuddyWaters5
Stolen car AudioJulio cesar ramirez 34
Hey Glass!Tyler9
Amp for Kicker DCVR12 12" subsshawn sadler1
ProfileMike DiSanto2
Need help on DIY project.Henry4
Glass.. amps that run warm ok?GlassWolf11
DC Powersupply to run off AC current questionGlassWolf13
Good 1 ohm amps...Jack3
Quick questionJack2
Question about amp classGlassWolf3
Need help GLASS..thanksGlassWolf2
TrippinMatt M8
Bose/delco wire color codesrockfan1
This may be a stupid question but....Ryan Schleusner10
JL Audio 1000/1Mike Jones5
Off topic but very important!!!Jake Hill15
Amp stays at protect no powerIsaac W.2
REMOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rovin15
How far up can i turn the volume knob?markos16
Will this setup work?Isaac W.2
Bose amplifier wiring color codesrockfan2
Fuse questionBryan Swegman3
Is this normal???!!????!Somebody Somewhere3
Electrical question...Tyler9
QuestionMatt M6
Have a problem please try and helpYoung James2
Glasswolf - replacing an Orion HCCA 2100 PowersupplyGlassWolf5
Have a problem please try and helpRyan Alt4
Input sensitivityGlassWolf3
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