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Amplifier problem please help!eddie Tavarez3
Powering my JL10' w3Anonymous2
What's the difference?GlassWolf8
Type r knocking? plz help meGlassWolf10
Competition subs.Subfanatic5
Size and type of enclosure for a alpine type randy d4
How Do you Post a pic?John3
Songs for testing your subsJohn2
RE8 problemWahl8
JL 8W7 or Orion H2 12.2 or Alpine Type XRyan6
Box PositioningJake Hill1
Pioneer TS-W306DVC 400 RMSOettinger1
Need an spl setup for $2500MO10
Bladeice.comQuick Shot 4ever7
Need Some Help With My System PleaseOettinger3
What Do I Sell...Quick Shot 4ever2
What website can i find the RE XXX, please respondGlassWolf15
SPL Box jon6
RE 12 surprised me ! ! !MO10
My sx is weird..GlassWolf3
I think bose has really good car audio :-) :-) lol...GlassWolf22
GLASSWOLF... found x.x.x problemGlassWolf7
I need a list of good sound quality subwoofersMichael Anthes17
Thanx muddywaters for the thread on DDMuddyWaters2
Subs in thisSubfanatic5
Alpine versus kickerSubfanatic2
Fair trade?Subfanatic8
Box for 2 RE 12sMuddyWaters3
12" Atlas box questionMuddyWaters4
What ohms are the rms's on this amp?Justin5
Qustion for allGlassWolf2
Amp to match SubSubfanatic2
12" Atlas box questiondb-bass1
Question about box "stuffing"Kahren Aydinyan2
Question about sound system in my car HELP!!!!Isaac2
Need AdviceJames Longo4
RE XXX or Eclipse Titanium or Avalanche 15 / Isaac or glasswolf or ...Isaac13
Sub enclosure.Steve Fisher1
New Alt or Batt?ron6
RE SE's?Shawn P3
Voltage Regulater?Shawn P6
Need Opinions on my New System!Dankman8
When do you need a new....GlassWolf3
I have a quick polyfill questionJ. Speight4
??? sub wiring question ???zach1
What is the biggest powered subwoofer?884213513mjh;lmkvf125
About deep bass and subs position.Panamanian9
Also buying hifonics amps..Quick Shot 4ever10
Chris KleinJohn Bennett1
How do spl subs sound like sh!t?rigger5
Selling RE's?Shawn P8
Newbie Wiring QuestionQuick Shot 4ever2
How to make a indash dvd player play while drivingJames Longo10
Need good songs for subs!!!!!!!!!!!James Longo6
*More Problems*James Longo8
Are these subs any good.....?MazdaMan3
Sql vs.spl ?????GlassWolf20
Does the brand matterGlassWolf8
SQ sub: Defeating the purpose by using a class D amp? GlassWolf9
Blown x.x.x. ????GlassWolf9
Highly tuned box... o.ORay Paek5
Porting rear decksean2
Sean... got a question for u on the abc boxsean7
500/1..lookin for a good sub/s.Wahl2
Will a 1000 wattsrms amplifier work on a 2001 grand prixhondarider1
What kind and size of enclosure for alpine type rhondarider1
Rockford He2Cason Fernelius1
Orion H2 Questions / ThoughtsMike Jones1
Everything for sale ... need money asapMike Loudon12
Subwoofer Specseddie Tavarez1
Wiring for my SUB ? helpAnonymous1
Car audio for cheapMO5
Wiring 2 dual voice coil subwoofers into 2 ohms?Jeff Loughrey4
Are pioneers bad?Benny Boy4
Alpine ERE-G180 Equalizer??Ultimate Post Ho1
Box for 2 12" RE'sUltimate Post Ho10
2 subs 1 amphondarider1
Cheaper 12 sub or slightly more expensive 10 inch subJustin2
Looking to buy an SX, paying good.Justin1
Kicker vs infinity?Infinity Addict26
Looking for best subwoofer tombo3241195
10" Sub for Zapco Ref500.1mikechec925
Wiring retardsAndy Summers9
Focal Utopia subsBrad1
Need A List of Sql Subsjosh chapko21
2 12" Type R's or 2 12" Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1ron13
Since the forum seems to be booming...GlassWolf11
Word of the week: L-PadGlassWolf1
Refurbed Sub?josh chapko8
Friend needs my helpQuick Shot 4ever23
Infinity Kappa PerfectMuddyWaters9
Bossjake papa2
P imp My Rideron79
Brahma QuestionMike3
SplShawn P16
Best Subs?Mike Murphy14
Hey Rob FoxMike Jones3
DD price and sql??MuddyWaters3
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