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Question for y'all.
I've finally got my two RE8's put inside my ported box tuned to about 32hz, but i seem to be getting a weird noise from the subs. I've made sure that wiring is correct and the subs are being powered by an mtx 342 170x2 at 2 ohms. Ive notices that the foam that ring that goes aroung the sub by the screws that hold the sub to the box is kinda loose at some parts, could that cause any unwanted noise? i've also considered the possibility of port noise since my ports are only 2 inches in diameter. the box is about 1.1 cubic feet. Any help would be appreciated.

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alright i think i narrowed the problem to the way the rubber surround is attatched to the metal frame. Seems as though air is leaking through and causing a some unwanted noise. Is there a way to glue this on better? some special glue that wont damage the subs? any advice would be welcome

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well you could try to tighten up the screws...ive seen some people use sillicon and other sealants around the sub and i dont think it hurts it

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dont the fumes in silicon break down the rubber in subs? isnt that why they tell u to wait till the silicon dries is ur box before installing the sub in the box?

even so those fumes would be contained while the other ones could air off

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no no i dont mean that it leaks between the box and the sub, but between the rubber surround and the metal frame.

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if those are rubber surrounds then silicone will be fine. If not just call RE and tell them your problem
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