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I have 1.2 cu feet available. I'm thinking of 2 10's in a sealed box. Will the new Brahmas compare to JL 10w6v2. I want clean sound but I want it to get busy when I put some rap in. According to the T/S parameters Their box size came out pretty close at QTC of .77 The Brahmas frquency was 41hz compared to JL's 51HZ at the same box size. To be honest I don't know what that means. I heard T/s parameters don't mean squat. What I do know is the Brahmas x max is almost twice what JL's is. Will that give me more SPL. I'm looking at amps in the 1000RMS range. Maybe a 1000/1 or Cadence ZRX 8 or Kicker KX 1200.1. I don't know yet but they will have power. If the XXX and Avalance have Adires technology why do they play louder? Thanks for your time

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"I heard T/s parameters don't mean squat"
oh, but they do. and xmax is just one t/s spec that will help to determine output.
by itself, it suggests (at best) "a potential" for higher output. other parameters have to be taken into account as well.
now, i still suggest listening to the subs after viewing the t/s specs. but together, they mean a whole lot.

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There are no Adire dealers in Colorado. I have heard the w6 but it seems that the forums can't say enough good things about the Brahma. What does it mean that the frquency of the sealed box is 41hz for the Brahma vs 51 for the w6. Since the Brahma x max is 28.5 mm compared to JL 15mm will the Brahma get louder in theory. As I said they should have enough power
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