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2 ohmsGlassWolf2
Wat kind of speakersAnonymous14
Vibe and focalGlassWolf4
How to tell is a speaker is blownGlassWolf2
3 10" xplods to a 2 channel 1000watt amp? please helpGlassWolf7
Adire shivasGlassWolf39
JL Audio or Treo GlassWolf2
New orion h2its_bacon123
2 L7's on a kicker 1200.1 or a 800.2Tiggy4
Which sub to choose?GlassWolf5
12" alpine type E in bandpass?GlassWolf2
Is do you know?GlassWolf4
I have 2 BP600.1 amps....What subs should I get???its_bacon126
Dual Voice coilsGlassWolf2
2 jl audio 10w6v2 GlassWolf2
Ported Enclosure HelpGlassWolf8
Amp and speakers please HELP!!Hydro4
Maximum SubGlassWolf5
2 jl 8w7s on a jl 500/1 amp?GlassWolf2
ATTN: Box Bulildersjay amaro2
Whats the difference between 10" and 12" driver?GlassWolf4
Old school ORION subsvqman3
Rockford HE 10" 8ohm questionGlassWolf4
Qts and SQ?Tim L.1
Talked to a specialist in my areaAdam Martin Drummond1
Fitting 2 15" Seruan-Vegas In a 1994 CamaroGlassWolf3
2 12" Alpine Type R vs. 1 15" StrokerGlassWolf2
Obcon sub boxesAnonymous1
Hooked up now Not enough Bass But enough to get me a 4th placeAdam Martin Drummond2
Are the Ebay auctions for $100 W7's Bull?ReportThem8
Is there any-one out there that can help meGlassWolf2
Wich is better 4-10" Pioneer's Or 2-15" Ceron Vega'sGlassWolf2
MA AudioVance3
I'm Sick Of ThisGlassWolf18
SubZero sub boxes -- Diamond Subjay amaro3
I have an amp and sub box....what subs would be my best bet???jay amaro6
Need a Savard Box?Thomas Wahpekeche1
Asking for SuggestionsTom Terrific40
Soundstream Subwoofers? Are they any good?Tom Terrific3
I need a subwooferTom Terrific17
Speaker size for what kind of music Anonymous2
Best amp for 2 Alpine SWR-1041D?Minipete4
10W7 for my houseGlassWolf3
Can Some-one tell me hot to fit 2 15's into a camaroGlassWolf5
I need adviceGlassWolf6
12W6V2 with 500/1 tuning GlassWolf7
Jl vs adireGlassWolf18
Whats the best sub and size for rock/metal music?yhammack10
Best brand for the money?its_bacon1210
Sound diffrence between ported and sealed boxGlassWolf8
Adire Audio Tempest SubwooferGlassWolf4
Some sub questions for glasswolfGlassWolf4
Glasswolf read.....Re: High powered alternatorGlassWolf13
Bass on a budget HELPjay amaro10
Amp and wiring for a pair of infinity perfect 10.1d'sTim Shouder4
Pioneer TS-W5000SPL......?Tim L.10
Orion H2 SeriesAnonymous2
What sub should I get?Norm Macdonald as Bo3
What amp do I get to run a JL 10" W6v2?its_bacon122
Fosgate HX2 15" vs Kicker CVR 15" travis tyler3
Bridging 2 amps to 1 sub?jay amaro4
Is there much or a sound difference in a Plywood box and a MDF one???Anonymous10
4ohm or 2ohm? help glasswolf~GlassWolf5
Where to get suppliesGlassWolf2
How do u make an spl boxHydro2
Enclosure cubic feet - GlassWolf please helpbilly bad head3
Diamond M6 10D4Riddler Sensei18
Anyone heard of obcon subs?frank rizzo7
Concept EX-12 or JL12W3GlassWolf2
What pair of 10's will have hte best SQ/SPL on my JBL BP600.1its_bacon122
Enough power?????baller5
Is This Too Much???GlassWolf2
Sub or amp upgrade?GlassWolf2
Does the MTX thunder9500 sound any good???GlassWolf6
What kinda SPL is a single L7 or L5 12 able to produce???Hydro2
Sub tempsTim Shouder3
Adire Shiva 12" Amp QuestionDavid Hughey3
Punch hx2s GlassWolf4
SQ ,SPLTim Shouder7
Jl audio 15w3 or eclipse 9152 (15) titanium subGlassWolf4
Why does my sub make clicking noises when its loud?randy legender15
Alpine Type R vs. Cerwin Vega VegaTBone3
What kind of ampTBone4
Odd shaped vented boxes and vent length!!!???jay amaro2
Fusion audiokeith2
Can i make my box in the shape of a L or will this hurt it????Bryan B7
Grounding question?JERRY4
Digital and anolog witch do you preferGlassWolf7
Adire Tumult 15 subAnonymous3
Which subsTBone6
Need help FAST with the following components. THKS!TBone5 problems expand....need your helpTBone7
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