Pioneer TS-W5000SPL......?


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wow just wow i saw this sub on the pioneer page i just visited lol it handles 2000/5000 RMS/MAX power and is capable of hitting 170dB? lol it doesnt state XMax but if it can hit 170 dB then its gotta be like 2625868905mm 1 way lol not that much but anyone else hear anything about this god dam monster? glasswolf? soundbite? derek i? anoyne got input about this beast? if u want a link to it, here:

if anyone has anything to say about it let me know cuz this would be a prime SPL comp sub if it could hit 170dB....

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Haven't seen one.
I never got into SPL subs much.
I'll wait to see some TS specs for it.
Pioneer never impressed me much for speakers.
I used to sell their Premier line where I worked.
Great head units.
average speakers.

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Probably over rated, never heard much about that thing. Pioneer has never really been much for high end subs. One of the more popular SPL subs;
Or maybe the kicker solox, haven't heard much on it though (5000wrms, 10,000w peak)

The sub is capable of withstanding the EFFECTS of sound pressure levels in excess of 170dB. Try 173.3dB with nine of those subs.

2076_4313_30533580%2C00.html, /detail/0,,2076_4313_30533580,00.html


Stupid board ate the link

Go to

search for Scott Owen

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"Probably over rated, never heard much about that thing. Pioneer has never really been much for high end subs."

you haven't heard about it because it's a relatively recent product.. this is their attempt at providing for the SPL market.. just because they haven't been in the past doesn't mean they should be discredited..

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HERE's those T/S parameters..

Data Chart
Brand Pioneer
Model Premier TS-W2000SPL
MSRP $250
Warranty 1 year

>Mechanical Specifications
Weight 23 lbs.
Rear Mounting Clearance 6.875"
Woofer Magnet Dim. (dia. x ht. in mm) 160x20x2
(two stacked magnets)
Voice Coil Diameter 76mm (3")
Voice Coil Winding Layers 4 (two 2-layer coils)

Measured T/S Parameters
Nominal Impedance (ohms) 2
Revc (ohms) 1.55
(both 3.05-ohm voice coils connected in parallel)
Sd (cone area in sq. meters) 0.035
Bl (motor strength in Tesla Meters) 10.78
Vas (in liters) 37.95
Cms (micrometers per Newton) 222.67
Mms (grams) 135.22
Fs (Hz) 29.01
Qms 13.33
Qes 0.33
Qts 0.32

Power and Excursion Data
Sensitivity (1.41V/1M in dB) 87.3
(2.83V/1M in dB) 93.3
Continuous Power Handling (watts RMS) 750
Peak Power Handling (watts) 2000
Xmax ([coil length - gap height]/2 in mm) 22.5

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not sure why u got the sp[ecs fopr the 2000SPL but we're looking at the 5000SPL which handles 2000wrms and 5000w max not 750w rms and 2000w max

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not impressed.
not bad specs for the price
not an SPL sub as far as a competition would be concerned. Not outside of the Newbie catagories anyway.

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OOPS.. my bad.. i just came across that and remembered glass wanted the T/S parameters of this or that..
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