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Is there a difference in the sound from the solid curved cone of the w7 to the come with the flame pattern in the cone of the audiobahn subs? I was wondering if that engraved flame pattern made a difference in the sound compared to the plain smooth come of the w7. and i have noticed that when i am listening to a song that is really bass drum heavy like godsmacks voodoo, i can turn the volume up really high and the spl doesnt really hurt my ears, but if i am listening to a song at the same volume level but it contains bass lines of a higher freq, it hurts my ears more. Im thinking that at higher freqs it doesnt take as much spl to damage the eardrum because it is vibrating faster. So it is easier to listen to the deep bass notes at high volumes than high notes right?

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any SPL over ~110dB will damage your hearing at prolonged exposure.

the impression in the cone doesn't affect anything.
JL W7 and Audiobahn shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath though. the W7 is an outstanding sub. The Audiobahns suck.

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just think about being in a roaring basketball arena (domed of course) with fans cheering non-stop for an hour or so....thats about 90 dB

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when I used to play lacrosse, that used to give me a headache.
much more so than getting hit ever did.
this is probably why having kids scares me a lot more than getting married, but that's another matter all together.
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