Whats the difference between 10" and 12" driver?


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What is the difference between a 10" and 12" sub? I would guess 12" would produce deeper base and perhaps have more boominess. A 10" would be tighter and have a smaller range of frequencies it can produce? Am I right?

So whats the deal with 2 subs then? Are 2 10" subs the same as having a dual coil 10" or say a bigger 12"???
Expert opinion needed :-)

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Yea a 10 inch driver tends to react to sound quicker than a 12 inch driver but 12's get lower(have a lower Fs)and can displace more air meaning more SPL.

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well,.. TWO INCHES.. =4

haha.. sorry.. couldn't resist.. =P

yes, bigger woofers typically have lower frequency capabilities.. and often have higher RMS power capability as well..

two subs?.. well, you can run two subs in stereo, which can sound better in some people's opinions.. i prefer two subs myself.. having 2 10" single voice coil subs is somewhat equivalent of a single DVC sub.. DVC subs have two voice coils and not only provide FLEXIBILITY in wiring, but offer to save SPACE for those who don't have much of it..

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Tim beat me to that one. heh 2"

a 12" sub will generally have a lower Fs than a 10", so yes it will feel like it hits more deeply, with more resonation.
a 10" has less mass, so it'll feel faster and more snappy.
the single or dual voice coils is strictly for configuring ideal load for max power from the amplifier.
there is no difference in sound between an SVC and DVC sub.
now, adding a second sub adds about +3dB to the SPL.
keep in mind, +10dB is audibly double the volume, and takes ~10X the power to achieve.
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