Speaker size for what kind of music


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what size speakers are for what kinds of musics

let me take the liberty to explain this to you, senile, any kind of music can be played on any speaker. You can have one 6" speaker in your car hooked to your HU and you can play rock, jazz, hillbilly country fu ck bluegrass, or crap (aka rap). A speaker is designed to reproduce sounds, any sound as long as its in its frequency range. Like a tweeter for example can play in the 5khz and up range, but it cant reprduce deep 100hz bass. But you could have a tweeter hooked up to a crossover and listen to a cd with deep bass but you wont hear it from the tweeter. You would need a sub for that. So the real question you should be asking is what frequency range does the different type of speakers (tweeter, subs, etc) produce the best. What kind of music do you listen too? If you were thinking of subs, and you listen to fast, jassy kind of bass, a 8" or 10" sub would be better than a 12" or a 15". I hope this cleared up your problems.
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