I have an amp and sub box....what subs would be my best bet???


i have a JBL 600.1 amp and a box that goes under the back seat of my truck.....
the box has .75 cu ft per side and the amp gives 600 watt @ 2 ohm (the same at 1 ohm). and the cut outs for the subs is 10's...so i need 10's

I want the loudest and cleanest sound i can get...so what subs should i get???
subs need to be 300 watt RMS.

I can get another JBL 600.1 amp if you guys think i should get some 600 watt subs....

thanks for any help you can give me...

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Alumapro subs come into my mind when thinking about limited space. .75 cu ft is perfect for the Alumapro subs. I'm running 3 alumapro alusonic 10" subs in my car with about .75 cu ft each sealed, and they sound clean, although, I don't think they are designed for LOUD music.

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Dude Kicker Comp VRs pound. I bet anyone here will agree. The Comp VR 10s 4ohm DVC will give you 2 ohms in parallel and 300 watts RMS will pound em. They only need about .8 cubic feet in a sealed volume http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/S-Iy5WQYBs6Ca/ProdView.asp?s=0&c=10&g=67600&I =2063C10VR4&o=m&a=0&cc=01&avf=N

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i agree, the Comp VRs rock the house down man. they are loud as hell. i set off car alarms from far away easily with those.

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IF you get the Kickers.... Stuff the box, with pilliow stuffing .It will make them soooo much tighter.

jay amaro
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also the adire brahmas are designed for small enclosures.
also it is possible to use fiberglass or polyfill and stuff a box around 50% and go with a smaller than recommended enclosure but the subwoofer will act as if its in a larger enclosure.
if your not sure how to account and figure this then the best way is to add 1/2 pound at a time and listening and adjust by adding more or taking some out.
so following that reasoning and the actual proper use for "stuffing" the box (aside from the risidual effects of filtering) you can actually go with a sub designed to work in something slightly larger than a .75 minimum enclosure so that should give you a few more subs to choose from.
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