Can Some-one tell me hot to fit 2 15's into a camaro


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If some one can tell me or build me a box for 2 15 inch sub's to go under the rear bucket seat's of my 1994 camaro. I don't care if they are in the same box or two different boxes. But I do want them to fit in the back seat because I know there is no possible way they will fit in the hatch.

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You must be high on weed if you want 2 15s to go under the back seat.

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Adam, they really aren't going to fit there.. and they'd look awful if they did.

Is there a reason you're not using the drop section of the trunk in that car?
you can seal a baffle board over that section and use the entire air space of that drop section for the two fifteens in a sealed configuration.
That's just about the only way short of fiberglassing a box to fit that area.
You could go down to a pair of good 12" or 13" subs..

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need some 12" speakers now, check out these barly used subs agename=rvi:1:2

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want a good pair of 12" subs?
look at some Adire Shivas
power the pair with a JBL BP1200.1
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