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500 watts at 4 ohm...what sub?Joe Smoe2
How many watts, should i use a 2 ch ampJoe Smoe4
Do u have to break in subs?nick hubatch5
If you were building a box...Anonymous4
SubZone Vented Enclosure for JL 12w6v2's...Joe Smoe8
Myth?Joe Smoe12
Are MAGMA any goodxxmdfmkxx5
Is this a good sub?taylor1720
Are SPL amps any good?James Longo2
One 15" brahma/xx X equal or bass output then 2 10" 9500's which i ...James Longo4
Power Acoustik Mofo?? Any Good??xxmdfmkxx5
Q-Logic: Good or Bad?????erik9
Can 2 350W rms at 4ohms handle amp at 653 2ohmsJerry Fitzgerald5
4 saleSubfanatic66
10" or 12" (the great debate)Trickle13
Alternator helpxxmdfmkxx2
New amp, better or worse?James Longo4
SOLO Xsean4
I need a box for 2 12" type r'sjimbo9111
PLease HELP, SUB problemryan c.5
X xx 6.5?matt4
I have a problem......Rob Fox11
Maxxbass 103????Doug W.2
2 15" Image Dynamics IDQ's SPL???Chris Klein8
How many watts would you pump into type x 12''sHunter Warren22
Answer me this guysJames Longo21
Hey seanHunter Warren5
Resonant engineering SE12Joe Smoe2
Need help on building a downfire box for 94 ford f-150doug cervantes1
Should I change any Thing????Hunter Warren3
L7's for sale!johnny lemoine2
Are these subwoofers good?johnny lemoine8
Polyfill For Ported BoxFrancisco Recinos1
Alpine at Best Buy, nooooooooJoe Smoe32
IDQ15" or 8500 15"???Chris Klein10
Where can I find a 10" REXXXRobbie Brown6
For sale forumJames Longo2
Soundstream Tarrantulas?Brian P Jackson1
NOt much spaceJames Longo2
Which is louderJames Longo6
WOOHOO!!!!johnny lemoine11
Debating Question....taylor174
Can't find Eclipse alumn 10's anywheretaylor1714
Kicker L7 problems please help meJames Longo2
15-se115Robbie Brown1
Waht goes in this slotsean4
Box Questionward3
Problems contacting RERobbie Brown5
Need HELP with boxHunter Warren12
I have 12" mtx dvc subs hooked to a 4ch amp how do i bridge it tell...Joe Smoe3
Stroker Pro!!!Justin C8
Funny stuffJames Longo10
Newbie subwoofer ?James Longo5
Will i be able to hear a differance...James Longo2
L5s vs v-maxsean3
Correct me if im wrong.....Anonymous5
Helpneb siwel1
Look if U dareBaByBrOcK21
Best SQ subJames Longo8
Shops in Texas?newguy875
VOTE Resonant Engineering .SE or Alpine Type R (new)taylor179
Does running 3 amps off each other lower signaljason collins1
15" Image Dynamics IDQ???James Longo10
Memphis encloser specs...Robbie Brown2
How should i face my subs?Joe Smoe3
Help<<<Joe Smoe2
Audiobahn subsJoe Smoe2
Sense everyone is asking about spl...Joe Smoe31
Snail Shell Question vs. Regular Ported BoxWill5
Alpine sub and system question!taylor174
Which sub? (jonathan or others)taylor176
Ok, almost done with my system... critique it up... taylor176
Kicker Sub BoxDerek Anderson1
Anyone know the record for spl?taylor176
300 watt sub?James Longo11
Just got new sub...question?Greg Holmes4
Help! Need kick a$$ ported box for 2 12"L5's. Saul Ramos1
Please rate my final setupChris Klein47
Sub question?sublime4206
Bass Blockerssublime4205
RE X.X.X subwoofer..marshall white3
Bit off more than I could chew.Dave Knight6
Best box for pioneer sub.Derk1
Snail shell???Hunter Warren13
SVC or DVC for pioneer amp?sublime4207
Resonant Engineering .SEJoe Smoe3
Blown solo baric L7'sBig Jock3
Quick QuestionKungpowchicken1
My First System...let me know what ya'll thinkbasslova5
Diamond CM3vs. Kicker Comp vs. Vega VmaxJames Longo4
My V-Max'sJames Longo18
Finally progress for Civic Box and Tray!!!James9
Eclipse vs Alpine vs Alpine Vote!Jonathan12
What is ohm and rms?James Longo8
What about Audiobahn?!taylor179
Alipne VS. AlpineJonathan11
MTX 9500 12 subs??Dan K3
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