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I have a acura integra and it is lacking bass.
I am going to be purchesing an audio system for my car verry soon, and I need some advice, and comments!!! I have my mind made up of two systems, amd there both alpine. The one consists of (two alpine type r 15's,"swr-1521d" with a audiobahn a8000t 800 watt amp) to power both subs. And the other system contains (three alpine type r 12's,"swr-1221d" with a rockford fosgate t10001bd 1000 watt peak amp) to push the three. I am wondering which would be louder, hit harder, and overall sound the best??? I am seeking all comments from people that are fermillar with the systems. Thank you all, and I appreciate all comments!!!!


Does anyone know???

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I would go with the 3 12's, just because I think the bass from a 12 sounds much better, plus, 3 12's would be more cone surface area, which means your moving more air.

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Are you sure 2 15s or 3 12s will fit in an integra?Anyways I would go with the 3 type rs if they fit.And both of the amps you have listed are not that good i would go with jl,zapco,eclipse,and maybe alpine if you want to keep it the same brand. What is the rms of the subs, are they the 500w rms or the 300w rms?Dual 4ohms or dual 2ohms? All of this definitaly matters before you can choose an amp.

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yup go with twiztid's advise. I dont think you need that in a integra personally. I had an integra with one soundstream ss 12r in it and holy SH!T it was amazing those cars are contoured very nicely for bass.

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dustin griffin is wrong. 2 15's have more surface area than 3 12's. do the math, 3.14r^2 for area times the number of drivers. so with the same xmax, the 15s would be louder. but im not sure if the xmax is the same.

So how much louder would the 15's be? Because stereos are a big thing for people at my collage, and I want to be heard comming from a way's across my campus! Do you think either of these systems could be heard comming down the street? And which system would be more clean sounding?

Doug W.
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I think j-dub is wrong, actually 3 12"'s are more surface area because 3 12" woofers = 36" of actual woofer space vs. 2 15" woofers which = 30" of woofer space. I think 3 12" would be louder. And probabley sound better. What exactly are you going for, are you looking for all SPL or all SQ or a little bit of both? And how much do you have to spend on the system total?

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Doug W., 12" is the diameter of the cone not the surface area. 2 15's have more surface area than 3 12's, but not by much. Do w/e fits best and matches up with the amps you like best.

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Surface area isn't diameter. 2 12" subs wouldn't be the same as one 24" sub. Picture a rolled up water hose, and measure the inner ring of it compared to the outer ring. If you unwound the hose, you'd find the outer ring was much longer than the inner. That's how surface area works. You really can't use the 15x3.14 equation simply because of the fact that the surround eats up some of the surface area. Look at the specs from the manufacturer, it'll be the Sd parameter, and add together. The difference in 2 15" subs and 3 12" subs is minimal, you'll get around a 15%-20% increase in surface area with the 15" subs. Remember it takes double the surface area to produce a 3db increase, so really the difference is so minimal that you'd barely notice it. What I'd do if you want SPL, since you're going to have a hard time fitting all those subs in an Integra anyway, is go with 2 12" subs and dedicate the space you'd save for ported boxes.
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