What is ohm and rms?


what does ohm and rms and that stuff mean and waht are they?

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ohm is basically how much current an amp and sub can handle...this is how i understand it...basically ill put it like this..i read it on a site...say you have a perfect amplifier...and you could plug it into a wall socket at home...so it has unlimited power ok....and lets say if this amp starts at 100 watts at 8 ohm ok...everytime an ohm halves...its watts doubles soo...here is how it will work...

8 ohms=100 watts
4 ohms=200 watts
2 ohms=400 watts
1 ohm=800 watts
.5 ohms=1600 watts....so on and so forth until we approach 0...but since we dont have a perfect amp that cant happen....thats how it works..i think...because the smaller the ohm the more current it draws producing more strength...and Rms is the rating in which a sub should be run at constantly safely..you can run it at more but you run the risk of blowing your sub...i hope this helps

oooh i see i see, yes it did help thank you, that kinda stuff always confused me

well wait im lookin at a sub right now that says 300watt 2 ohm.... is it 200 watt or 400 watt?

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ohms is a measurement of resistance, the lower the ohms the more power due to less resistance. the sub you are looking at just basically telling you that at ideal output, it will handle 300 watts and the subs impedence is 2 ohms, so you need to find an amp that will do 300 watts at 2 ohms, if that is rms numbers. is the sub dvc or svc? that is important also.

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they dont say, its not a big deal i was jsut wondering what those terms ment

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i have a question and want to know if local stereo store knows what they are talking about
they sold me some infinity perfect 10's svc
that i keep popping power, handling is 350W rms at 4 ohms and the amp i have is a rockford fosgate punch model 500bd with total power at 653 at 2 ohms was wanting to know if they sold me 2 subs that will not handle this power they keep blaming me but i dont know thanks

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that amp matches up with what you have said just fine. One thing though. As far as I know Rockfor amps are not stable mono under 4ohms. This I could be wrong about but I dont think so. If this is the case you could be clipping that amp and blowing your subs as a result.
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