Can 2 350W rms at 4ohms handle amp at 653 2ohms


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yes i have 2 inifinty perfect 10's that handle 350W rms at 4ohms that a stereo store said could handle my rockford fosgate punch model 500bd amp that pushes 653 total power at 2ohms im running em parallel and they keep seperating and stop working am i stupid with bad luck or are they stupid ive had 4 replaced now and getting tired of swapping em or can you suggest a better speaker?

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I answered this for you in another thread.

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k thanks

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i got two pioneer 400 rms dvc subs max watts is 1000! each one is powered by 1 mono pioneer 1 ch 600rms 1000 max @ 2 ohms per amp. if i fine tune the gane thay hit hard and clean!!!! ( tuning it down ) the amp that is!

but you asked about better subs, maybe something like 400rms or with a higher max watt 800 to 1000.

know what about youre box, what size is it? and when you ture it up do you get clips in the sound? because if the amp has to work hard to make the high powered sound you like it is hurting the subs. these is just my thoughts!

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oh yes some of the sails men don't know sh#t. talk to the boys in back that do all the work thay deal with this kind of sh#t all day. please dont take me wrong there are some sails men that know the ins and outs. ( like my friend ) we always don't see eye too eye.
go in the back talk too the boys!!!!!!!!!!!
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