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Pro-Ject Hum ground problem?Jan Vigne17
Luxman P310 - speed problemKasper Kvaale5
Stanton STR8-100 spinning too fast.Nuck6
MCS turntable really technicsJan Vigne2
Magnavox 836 Turntable SlowMatt Jones8
Random platter speed slowing, help!Nuck2
Rega P3... What cartridge should I pair with it?Art13
Best "reasonable" cartridge for pro-ject debut lllmitchell william fel6
Rega P1 in Stereophilemitchell william fel2
Sansui P-L51 turntable Infodolan yates8
Warped RecordsNathan Ogan1
Denon DP-11F broken tonearm wireJan Vigne4
Rega RB250 and Moving Coil cartridgesFrank Abela40
Gerrard player in GE Cabinet...speaker trouble.Jan Vigne6
Record Player Sounds Gurgly Please HelpJanice Daniels5
Rega Planar 3 running fastJan Vigne2
Rega P2 versus Rega P3Jan Vigne4
Need some help: record player newbie!Jan Vigne7
Sony PS-T1 Arm returns too soon:Jan Vigne2
New to phonos......looking for some adviceunder_a_rock9
Dual Turntableunder_a_rock8
Pioneer PL-600 Sound IssuesJan Vigne4
The Turn Table StopsNuck6
SL1200 tonearm tracking problemJan Vigne2
Rega 3 R200 tonearmFrank Abela5
Help with a project debutScott Tipping1
Turntable Sound TroubleshootingFrank Abela7
Help please!Jan Vigne2
Old Turntable, New TricksJan Vigne14
Phono Stage / Cartridge Compatibility?Jan Vigne2
PL12D Pioneer Turntable no output on left channelsimon prothero5
Troubleshooting Technics SL-1200 M3DDJ Optic5
Please help complete my vintage Nivico setup...Gary Paranich9
Goldring GR2, Pro-ject Xpression 2 or Pro-ject RPM5?colin wilson8
Goldring GR2, Pro-ject Xpression 2 or Pro-ject RPM5?Art4
Dual 505-3 Fault HelpJan Vigne2
How much should I spend on a turntable?Michael Wodek23
Volume Difference With CD Player & PhonoCarlos8
Black Vinyl VS Clear Colored Vinyl RecordsJan Vigne6
Stylus cleanersglenn eacker7
Advice on Packing a TT for Shipping?Two Cents4
Distorted s's and t'sFrank Abela26
Upgraded to MMF-7 + Goldring Eroica H Cart...Have A Few QuestionsLovegasoline12
No scratches but popsNuck5
Tracking forceJan Vigne16
REGA: Late model P3 compared to P25Jan Vigne2
Which phono preamp to choose, Cambridge or Pro JectBirgir Freyr Birgiss1
Bang & Olufsen Phono CartridgeJames Longo2
Dual CS505-4 auto switch off problemteroper3
Turntable-preamp-mixer-stereo setup NEED HELP!Nuck5
ProJect Xpression Mk II or RM-5 (RPM5)?? Hmmm...Slecra30
Weights & DistortionStafford Juneau4
Help with a Bush Acoustics MTT1 TurntableCharlie Walker3
Trouble with jvc L-F210steve starr2
Contact MicrophoneJan Vigne2
Do I need a new cartridge? Distortion at peaks.Two Cents2
Kenwood KD-550 upgradesJan Vigne7
Mathematician wanted for an LP 33 rpm problemKing Tape23
This is going to sound crazy... but-Art3
Help with Pioneer Pl-510aJan Vigne2
Cartridges that are most compatible with a NAD (Rega 250) tonearm...Sacha Steele9
Pro-ject debut III and best idea for new cartridgeArt6
Needle slides across recordTwo Cents2
Frustrating turntable troubles that need fixinAgeleky Bouzetos6
LP formatseugene wasserman15
Suggestions for isolating a tableeugene wasserman12
Sanyo TPX2/ Buzzing issuesteve starr2
Technics slqd33r helpsteve starr2
Technic 1200 Ground Wire fix. Jan Vigne4
Hummings on PhonoJan Vigne2
Luxman pd 277Cheng Kim Wai6
Hum on Technics SL-23 Turntablenathan david evans62
Troubleshooting turntable playback problemJan Vigne25
Talk me into spending moneyDan6
No soundNuck12
Technics 1200MK2 Low VolumeNuck3
Buying LP'sNuck11
Garrard 2025 TC fluctuating rpm problemsStar Sandler3
Suggestions for isolating a tableJan Vigne3
Starting a home systemmitchell william fel3
DUAL CS 505-1 with original TKS 49S cartridge/stylusunder_a_rock19
New CartridgeStu Pitt2
YNeedle Cartridge for Garrard 2025-TCJan Vigne4
Cheap phono preampChristopher M.9
Hiss: Causes, characteristics...Jan Vigne2
Rega it meant to be this quiet?eugene wasserman22
Good cartridge for Technics-SL1200 MK2Stu Pitt3
Manual turntablesunder_a_rock3
Linn Axis vs NAD 533 vs Thorens 320Jan Vigne2
A couple issues (loud needle/distorted sound)Jan Vigne2
Garrard 2025 TC QuestionJan Vigne4
Installing the new phono cartridge Jeffrey N Engborg6
Dual 601 Replacement CartridgeJ Childress3
Buzz coming from turntableJan Vigne5
Help with technics sl-d205 turntableJan Vigne2
Linn Axi, Linn Cartridge, getting occasional distortion...Jan Vigne14
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