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New system for $1600Marc Sherman10
Humming sound from speakersDeathToEarthLoops8
Receiver feature?Nuck9
Paradigm vs. Acoustic ResearchNuck9
SDAT SB-E800 Tower SpeakersJR Johnson10
How To Hook up Dual's LU43p to RCA TVpete.mitchel1
Speakers: How they soundMatt1
Unobtrusive 5.1 speaker setup with £2K budgetStof5
Deadhead audiophileJan Vigne14
Dual home theater speaker suggestionsjeff mannoia2
Best Speakers for use in the home...........Michael Cameron36
Speakers jblE100?KK Norris1
Thoughts on older phase tech stuffJan Vigne2
Technics SB-T40J Pady2
Best centre speaker??Dakulis2
Need help choosing speakersBren Stebb3
A small step up in speakersTimn8ter27
Psb replacement, or...Nuck2
To Art Kyle Arlene Schwartz10
Fixed Boomy Paradigm Monitor 7'sNuck7
Replacement driver for Bose AM5 neededsteven manseau1
System Audio bookshelf speakersAlan Good1
Sheilded speaker wire...will it stop HAMM radio interference throug...david pannell16
Best floor standing speakers under $200?Christopher M.80
Speakers built into the wall?Craig Reimer1
Newbie questionkosta1
I need some rear speaker advice.Michael Cameron5
Ok Usher v-9845 speakers!Anonymous1
Am I a Maggiesexual?Michael Cameron17
Need a little direction to buy center channel speakerArt Kyle3
Front Vienna Acoustics: But different company speakers for rear ? P...Art Kyle49
Wiring a Center Speaker with only two inputsNuck6
Infinity speaker upgrade with older receiverAnonymous2
Boomy Paradigm Monitor 7'sNuck22
Jumper bars questionNuck4
Polk vs. Energy vs. KefAnonymous4
Poll: How many of you have owned Magnepan speakers?Gavin R. Cumm6
Wiring bare wires into a jackNuck3
Paradigm Studio 20 Nuck6
Ceiling mounted surround speakersNuck3
New music for ChristmasNuck36
High-sensitivity speakersPaul Folbrecht11
If you had $1,000 to spend...Dakulis33
Why do so many of the new speakers sound so bright?Jan Vigne2
Who is this EMMA?!?!?!Jan Vigne13
Maximizing my budget for Def Tech'sMr. Goodbar1
New System for 3500?Gavin R. Cumm11
CD Player DifferencesRick Zmiejko5
SDAT from OverstockJohn Wagner47
Speakers for Onkyo TX-SR702 Receiver help?drama3
Paradigm Ref Studio 20 vs. 40Matt Ru4
Tinkle tinkle...BOOM BOOMArt Kyle4
Question for Jan VigneNuck6
Old KEF C55 Speakers - Repair or Trash?Anonymous5
What center w/4 in-ceiling Polk 6.5"??Sean Pailhe1
Monitor speaker?Jan Vigne2
Do all 7.1 surround sound systems support 5.1 + 2?Bryan Sayer1
Magnepan 12 vs. Polk LSI9Jan Vigne19
Does anyone know anything about ADS or what I can pair them with in...Rusin4
Starting from scratch- Speakers for a new sound systemBerny2
CES 2006 VegasMarc Sherman6
Need some advice on speakersPeter Ranslow5
320BEE and Focal JMLab Speakers?Rumadian2
Wiring confusionJan Vigne3
What amp for B&W DM 220iCharles A. Lippi5
Speaker wireMichael Cameron2
Hooking up a speaker to my mp3 player, HELP!!!Edster92210
Alegria Audio EMMAS (Edster's turn)Edster92224
Question: How to connect TDL speakers to amp?Nuck3
Somebody please recommend some speakersNuck6
Dali Suite 2.8Najib Wong1
Magnetic Suspention Platforms ?John Wagner1
Good speaker match for Rotel RX-1052Rick Zmiejko5
Happy New Year to All Speaker Affecionados!!Keith Brentson2
Surround the homeAlan Ross1
Sony Surround Sound speakerAnthony R. Cunningha1
5.1 Speaker set for PC for under 600 USD (INR. 30000)holy7
Wiring speakersSylvi4
Paradigm Monitors - v.3 vs v.4J.R. T.5
Spl/frequency measurement deviceNuck9
Newbie.. need your opinionNuck11
How to improve ipod sound?Najib Wong11
First correct answerNuck63
Speakers for a Rega Brio and Planet 2000 System-$1,000 MaxNajib Wong3
Vienna Acoustics pricesRIK2
What a difference!RIK18
Wharfedale 9.1 + NAD 320BEE = very good!L Gato5
Novice: Major buy/major questions Edster9223
Surround soundStof3
Niles 4ohm Home Audio SpeakersJan Vigne2
Speakers help under $4kBefuddle4
Boomy KlipschJan Vigne30
Velodyne VX-10BV and Paradigm AtomsAnonymous1
Looking for 3-Way Floor Standing Speakers below $400kris soh1
Speaker cables and digital audio cablesBerny5
Help purchasing new speakers Edster9222
Paradigm vs. Def TechZiggyZoggyOiOiOi5
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