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Center chanel problemmike palmer1
Using three center channel speakers as fronts. Please help. James P7
Used Paradigm studio 20'sGio5
Placement of surround speakers diagonally...KEGGER2
Wiring existing ceiling speakers, HELP !?carlo1
Bi-wire speakers?Rick Barnes11
Best speaker matchups - need advise KEGGER9
New Front speakersDan Reid15
Axiom m3 good for rock and metal?Berny9
Best match for PROAC Super EBTAnonymous1
Italian exotics - Diapason Speakersshank4
Techno, dance etc, and heavy metal speakers?Berny3
Definition of warm, and bright speakers?Slade3
Newbie looking for DefTech'sEric O.2
Yamaha Floorstanders Vs. Axiom BookshelvesBenjamin21
Best Buy to Go High Endjeff obregon12
Bookshelf + sub or floorstanders?Anonymous1
Paradigm monitor 7v3 or klipsch RF15Berny5
Bass reflex 12-15" floor standing speakersFrank Abela2
Can you use different impedance speakers?Frank Abela3
Which amplifier for B&W 603 SpeakersFrank Abela13
Energy Take 5.2 system and receiver match.Berny3
Klipsch RB15 vs Paradigm Titan vs Mission MS31MBBerny8
Worth upgrade: B&W 602 S3 to 603 S3 ?Tim Huynh4
Best Speakers for HK 7200 or 7300 Receiver?landroval10
Infinity RS 2000 Replacement SpeakersAlibop1
VT-12 vs Rocket Tykes vs Athena speakersBerny6
Klipsch Synergy vs Reference?Jay L22
Total Newbie needs helpJ. Vigne2
How to add speakers to boombox?Berny2
Canton Karat M30dc Falp1
Tyler AcousticsJAT1
Good Matching SpeakerSathish1
Lookin' for some Klipsch RF-7's...HELP !born2rock1
Energy C-3 outperform the Axiom M2/M3???Benjamin2
Can you wire a guitar cab with 4 8 ohm speakers for 4ohms??albert fish1
KLIPSCH ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System Berny3
Direct vs. Bipolar ?Berny6
Ascend vs. Axiom (redux)Berny3
Rear channel matching?rack048
Which bookshelves < $150?Philip Wagnon5
Logitech z-680 speakers ... can they be hooked up to my tv anyway??James Lee3
New system - get better speakers or receiver?Jimvm118
Canton karat / Ergo / Le series - How are they??? landroval7
Focal JMLab - Sonic character? Danman10
PSB Centerslandroval3
Speaker placement in my small room and break in!!!scott block1
Front speakerschris hens11
Best Speakers For Onkyo A9211KEGGER5
Need Help picking speakerAnonymous4
Athena AsF2Rick Zmiejko9
Has anybody here tried the Streem line of speakers ?Berny4
Bose 301 Bookshelf...should I look elsewere?Brian STahl4
Old speakers new ampKEGGER3
Car Audio to Home Audio.... How???KEGGER4
Music problem :\KEGGER6
Center ChannelKEGGER3
Bigger Mean Better???KEGGER10
Blown Bose tweeterBerny4
Technical question - Power ratings on the Arcam AVR300Audiofreak1
Floor Standing Speakers For $200 or less. Please help.ManchurianCandidate3
Energy C-9 vs Mirage Omni 260Corey1
Deifinitive Tech 2006 vs Axiom epic 60'sBerny6
Mongrel system (and owner) needs some upgrading adviceDon Kelly14
B&W 601 s3 or Paradigm minimonitor V3larz3
Speaker advice - please be kindjohn bonare14
Need help setting crossoversJ. Vigne7
Hsu subwoofer with Paradigm/B&WRodger Keesee4
Monitor Audio S6 with NAD, Denon, or Rotel?bigfan8
Axiom Millennia M80ti Speakers Mitchum6
B&W dm603 with Nad c320beeAnonymous2
Denon 3805 and paradigm signature 4's -- a good match??pa mountain boy1
Bose Spkrs & Yamaha receivers (Help Needed)josh8
Help with speaker choiceJames Lee2
Disappointing problemJ. Vigne6
Finally narrowing the choices down...Robert Culp4
Will these speakers damage my system or sound worse than my other s...Paul E10
What to use instead of spikes on hardwood floors?J. Vigne4
Got my Speakers!!shank3
Can someone please explain callabrating?valeem9
Matching amp and speakerBarry7
New center channeljohn bonare1
Concerning B&W and Monitor AudioFalp5
I can't find spkrs for both HT and music. Is it me?Rodger Keesee4
Multiple Output Devices?Dr. Adam Schirmacher3
Axiom, Fluance, Streem LoudspeakersStone3
PSB Image 4t v. Axiom M22tiAnonymous3
400 to spend on speakersBrian Hlozek13
2-way Vs. 3-WayNm228526
Quad 12L Better than Dynaudio 52 SE ???Athens6
Any knowledgeable audio people want a challenge?John A.3
Shielded speakers for HTJ. Vigne4
Has any one here heard of Streem speakers?Robert Culp3
"D'Appolito-configured center channels"landroval3
Anyone got Old Bose stuff for sale?James Lee5
Infinity - what do you think?Bleustar5
Good speakers to match a Yamaha RX-V992KEGGER13
Decided with this set-upKEGGER2
Center Channel Matching - Real or Hype?landroval10
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