Quad 12L Better than Dynaudio 52 SE ???


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I have read a lot of great reviews for Quad12L and I would like to get some inputs from those who have heard or owned this speakers compared to 52SEs

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Quad 12L better sound stage and details! Plus better looks than the Audience 52SE

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The quad 12L have been highly appraised by the Brit press and magazines particularly the WHF. In the Sept 2003 issue I believe, the Quad 12L was pitted against the Dynaudio 52(not the SE version though), Wharfedale Evo 30, Spendor S3, Tannoy DC2, Monitor Audio S6 & B6(yes floorstanders too) and AVI Neutron III....and to cut things short...the Quad 12L came out champs, followed by Dynaudio as 2nd, Wharfedale Pacific evo 30 3rd, and last two placing were from MA S6 and B6.
As you can see, the Quad 12L is extremely transparent and has good bass depth (not extension) for a monitor that size apart from the uncoloured midband and highs.
In terms of mids and highs= Quad 12L wins
For bass= Dynaudio 52 (for rockers)

Regarding ur question of Dynaudio 52 SE, it's in a different league (cost GBP 1000) as compared to the Quad 12L (GBP 500), so I would have to say the sound of the 52SE has indeed improved significantly and do sound as good if not better than the Quads at twice the price. The What Hi Fi has also group tested the 52SE with ATC SCM12 in the GBP1000 price group test and the eventual champ was the 52SE now.
So, objectively speaking, 52SE wins even at the GBP 1000 price region. The Quad 12ls though measure very closely at 1/2 the price and looks much better with the piano gloss finish, esp the Bird's eye Maple(IMO) or some might prefer the Rosewood. One thing though, the lower pricing of the Quads might be dt the lower manufacturing cost as they're made in China, as compared to the Dyns in USA. If the quad were made in UK, the price might be 2x the current. However, quality control is evident as the Quads exude sheer quality from looks to sound. Best is to listen personally and choose the one that suits your taste. It can be difficult though as room acoustics and equipment used to drive them might differ from what u use at home. Good luck!

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Which Dyns are made in USA? As far as I know they're all made in Denmark.

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My bad, hasty typo ;)
Dyns are Danish, so Denmark, thanks for correcting that. They r made in Skanderborg, Denmark with regional offices in Germany and USA actually .
BTW, get the 12L if price is an issue, as the differences in sound quality in this region is purely a matter of different taste rather than superior/inferior etc. cheers!

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Just Auditioned the Quad 21L too (Floor standers. Same sound quality in mid and high as the 12L but with more bass since this is a floor standing speaker. This is a great speaker considering that you dont need to buy the stands. Yeah i think you are correct, is this were made in the UK it will probably be the same price range as the Dyns and probably more due to its excellent finish.
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