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I bought ONKEYO TX-SR601 and I am considering buying new speaker system. After my research (checking speaker review by I narrowed it down to Onkyo model SKS-HT240 that received 8.3 points out of 10, V12/STF1 package with 8.2 points, and Harman Kardon HKTS 14 with 8.0 point. All these three speakers are about the same price ($400 to $500).

I need help on deciding which one to pick. Any suggestion and review would be appreciated. I have difficulty to make the final decision.


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The Onkyo speakers are not very good, I've heard them and they are very weak. And the only thing I liked about the HKTS is the subwoofer, but I thought it still sounded better than the Onkyo.
Try the Athena Micra series or the Klipsch Quintet.

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i think whaferdale has a mini system at best buy also.

or you could buy 2 good front speakers for now then fill in the rest later!

How does the Athena Micra compares with hsu VT-12/STF1?
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