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Dear All,
Im very confused, I bought the latest Denon AVR3805 amp and now looking for the right speakers, I narrowed my options to the following options but also still can't decide so i need help from you guys.
Option 1: B&W CM4(Front) CM2(Rear) CMC(center) ASWCM(Sub).
Option 2: B&W DM603 S3(Front) DM601(Rear) LCR60(Center) ASW675
Option 3: Monitor Audio S6(Front) S2(Rear) SLCR(Center) REL Acoustic (Sub)
Which is the best option to buy? Please Help.

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I like the 3rd option the best, since monitor audio has a soft sound.

B&W makes good speakers, but you gotta goto higher models to taste their best offering.

Another option is

Either way, you are on the right track - go with the one you really like - find one you really want to live with before buying.

You can try the ascends at home for a free trial period - you just pay for the return postage if you don't like them. Since they sell direct online, they can offer more quality for the buck (no middle man).

Go slow, and find the one you really like.

NHT and paradigm are other good ones to check out.

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Since you have a Denon and going by my past experience with Denon receivers and know that I have Monitor's I can say that they do not make a good combination IMO. B&W is a better choice but my favorite would be Paradigm. Look at the Paradigm Performance and Monitor series and you'll find many speakers that will go very well with the Denon.I would recommend the Monitor 7 for mains, the cc370 and the min-monitors for rears with a PS1000 or PS1200 sub.

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Option 3: Monitor Audio S6(Front) S2(Rear) SLCR(Center) REL Acoustic (Sub)

Take the s1 for rears, don't need the s2!

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Also Rel Quake and Rel Strata III are great, don't know the Acoustic...
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