PSB Image 4t v. Axiom M22ti


Recently I purchased a pair of PSB Image 4t's to run off of a NAD c320 BEE with either a NAD c541i or c521 BEE cd player. Since I made that purchase, I have read a lot of good things about the Axiom m22ti. Are the Axioms much better speakers and would they sound better with my c320 BEE? Would it be worth me looking into taking back the PSBs? Also, will I need a sub to really enjoy the music from these speakers?

Thank you very much

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I would stick with PSBs - stereophile had similar set up and recommended it in the price point.

Many audiophiles get cought up with upgrade-bug as it is called. If you just got your system, try to enjoy it for sometime before giveing into upgrade-bug - that would be my advice.

Some spend as much as a luxury car on this hobby. If you choose wisely, you can enjoy good music for a lot less.

You have nice speakers already at the price point. M22ti will not be a great improvement, although if you want to experiment, you can have one sent to you for a trial period - you just pay for the return postage if you do not like it.

I would live with the system for awhile if you just got it, and improve other things like getting a power conditioner, and better cables to connect it up.

I like Ixos gamma cables from both RCA and speaker cables.

Look for oneac power conditioner on ( you can get one for less than $50 ) and they do make a difference.

Try not to connect a cd player and an amp to a same out let - for better sound. Some people even get separate power conditioners for each electric item - sounds better as well as protecting it from surges.

All of this is yet unopened. I have not yet bought one of the cd players that I mentioned, but I am planning to very shortly. I had also planned to buy signal cables for the system. I would buy speaker cables, interconnects, and replace the power cables for the cd player and amp with cables from signal cable. Would these Ixos cables be better? Also would a power conditioner for the cd player and amp be better than replacing the cables? Should I do both?

Thank you very much for the help
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