Infinity - what do you think?


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I'm trying to put together a HT system and while reading reviews on things in my price range Infinity seems like a reasonable option. I might be able to afford the Betas and could almost certainly do the Primus line.

I'm going to have to put my rear channels in the ceiling - I know Infinity makes some that should work. My front mains will be bookshelves.

Klipsch has some similar stuff and Bose has some AWESOME stuff -- OK just kidding about the Bose thing. Seriously - Infinity doesn't seem highly regarded here, would something else be better in that price range?

Also - I don't have a receiver yet - trying to pick speakers first.

Thanks in advance.


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I would go with Athena surround sound at circuit city, or energy speakers at goodguys sight.

I think they sound better - softer and more upscale - doesn't give you a listening fatigue over a long listening session.

As far as a receiver is concerned, panasonic SA-XR70 is a good one for only $340 on the web.


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I have been asking about Infinity at some of the local hi-fi shops. I've been looking for a good pair of floorstanding speakers in the $800-1,200 range. I'm getting the general feeling that this speaker company isn't what it used to be.

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Thanks for your input. I'm starting to think your right. Have been looking more at Paradigm. That's the way I'm leaning now. Anyone think that's a better idea?


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Just for your info...I have the new beta 20's with an HK receiver and I love the sound. I moved up from the Primus 150's which I also liked. The Primus 150 got a real good review in stereophille magazine only a few months ago.

The beta's 20's sound very solid. Good detail, and are only slightly fatiguing at high (shake your house off the foundation) volume levels.

The Primus 150 are a real steal right now. Roughly $160 per pair. I traded mine in at Circuit City to upgrade to the Beta's, which are $360 per pair. A couple of nice things about the Beta's are the 6" drivers and the newly designed tweeters. There are better speakers. But for the money they are quite good. I've had a pair of Polks that I purchased 20+ years ago for $360 and they can't hold a candle to the Beta's.

Energy speakers are also very good for the money.
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