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Ok guys here is the deal. I have been asking in the reciver section of the forum about what is a good choice for me and i wound up choosing the yamaha rx-v2400 which i bought about a week ago and works amazing and as of now im just getting by with cheap sats from a ht system from sony that i replaced with this yamaha . Now i need to get a set of speakers which has to be a sub/sat set because of limited space. I have been looking at the definitive tech pro cinema 80s which from what i have heard by listening to personally and reading from reviews are beautiful speakers. My question is for the reciver i got does it make sence to get 2 pro cinema 80 satalites for the surround and go with the pro cinema 100 stuff for the rest the 2 mains the center and the sub , or should i just say screw it its not gonna make a big diffrence just get the pro cinema 80 set. I am not to sure if its better to have bigger better speakers for the mains and smaller ones for the surround or if it doesnt matter if they are all the same because i have an oppertunity to get the pro cinema 80 set for $800 which is 4 sats a center and a sub or should i get two 80 sats for surround at $225 for the pair two 100 sats for main the 100 center and the 100 sub. please let me know some detailed info because i am planning on getting them in the next few days.

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It will be nice to have bigger fronts - the backs are ok with smaller ones.

I would try to hear Athena speakers as well. They sound good with yamaha and sony sawm200 sub $80 (on the web).

You will like that set up even for music!

If the space is ok...
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