Best Speakers for HK 7200 or 7300 Receiver?


Speakers for HK?
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Name your top three. I've heard:

(1) Paradigm
(2) Def Tech
(3) M&K

Building a system from "scratch" around my HK. Thanks

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Wilson Audio - Alexandria X2
JMLab - Grande Utopia
Theatre Research - any model

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anything that could use some power and are bright to neutrel.
should be a good fit with the hk.

unless you want something really effecint and bright
like klipsch and rock the house. lol

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I would go with Def Tech, then Paradigm, then M&K. Don't bother with Theater Research.

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By the way I was joking about the Theatre Research as he was asking for the best speaker and it obviously has a reputation as a cheap ripoff. I guess everyone missed the lame joke.

The Wilsons do kick @ss but should at $125,000 per pair.

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Wilson Watt/Puppy System 7 should be fine if cant afford Alexandria. Or if want to pay more then Acapella Spharon Excalibur would be a nice pick.

Dreadnaught, have you heard the X2's?

Seriously, I think JMLab and Dynaudio would be good choices with 7200/7300.

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Have I heard the X2? Actually no. There are two dealers within a block of each other in Seattle that had the Wilson X1 and the JMLab Utopia line. I heard the previous Wilson line. Both were excellent, but its hard to tell if there is a "better" at that level, plus the sources were different.

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i have the wilson audio X2 plus the watt puppy 7, and watch dog center. im running that with a Krell 7.1 home theatre, powerd by a Krell amp. how can a harmon/kardon power those powerful speakers?

Wake up Slade. How many ways do I have to say it. It was a joke. Geez...

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<ot>Slade, FYI the X2's and Watt/Puppy's are very easy to drive so you dont even need a beefy H/K with them. A small tube amp will be sufficent.</ot>.
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