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What is a distribution block and its usage? Help, new to this!!!swan2
Hey GermanGuy............cainer3
Makaveli is a b!tch!!!!cainer3
How do i hook up a car system??!!Neon79
Need help with 2 JL Audio 12W3'sdavids200410
I need a good amp for eclipse subsdavids20044
Changing Blown FusePatrick Lorenz3
Changed alternator now amp shuts off please helpthe captain7
Amps.... Good,,, and ... Bad.....chris haggart7
Need suggestions for 4channel ampsam1
Help deciding setup.smokeit10
I need a good amp for eclipse subsJoel LeBlanc1
Alpine amp or Memphis?charlie murphy2
Good amp for infinity kappas?Joe Blue1
ChannelsPatrick Lorenz3
Ohms? Wiring? Explanation please (Glasswolf? Jonathan? Anyone?)...anselmo3
PHOENIX GOLDadam wright1
Glass or someone: Do I need a new alternator?daniel stanislawski12
Eclipse 34230 2ch. is it 2 ohm stable?????????cesar1
Wire Gaugejoao ferreira13
No power, Alpine 3553joao ferreira6
BOSS RIP-595 PrinceAli1
Thoughts on the phoenix gold 1200 wat xenon?adam wright1
Wiring ?xBrettx13
Wiring one speaker to 2 channels.Anonymous5
Need some helpJonathan12
Artbowskiartie christ12
Info on a/d/s/ P440?Hunter in SF1
MTX Thunder 1501D, new alternator necessary?curious1
Pre-amp vs Sub-outJonathan2
Alternator Upgrade Necessary?Jonathan2
MTX Thunder684 or Alpine MRV F540?joao ferreira3
Could use some amp advicedavids20045
Amp isn't powering my speakers like they shoulddavids20044
Thunder6500d to fubr-12" by power acoustikTom Cool20
Upgrading alternator so should I forget about Caps ?STONER2oo44
How come all the power is shutting off to my ampsdavids20042
Need help: can I do this??davids20042
2 amps off 1 rca line??davids20042
Confused on what amplifier to getSean Heinrich8
Question with Wiring....JayJ3
TYPE R's AMP??????JayJ7
Confused HELP!!JayJ8
RCA Out VoltageSpoon1
Lanzar amp problemDead Muppet3
Pioneer ampsdavids20042
Amp Identificationbrian walker1
Need amp adviceMartyn Revis5
Is this amp good enough?JayJ5
Performance teknique 782 ampilier? Tom Cool1
Speakers for Zapco AG 360Mark G1
Complete Amp WiringMatthew Campbell4
JL Evolution 6x9's... (help on amp needed)Damian1
AmpJoel LeBlanc4
New phoenix gold 10,000 watt amp!Rob3
1600 watt Volfenhag amp anyone?ryan knoll1
How do u increase the volts output from the headunit? HELP!!Technik24
200W headunit.. now what JayJ6
What do you think of .....JayJ3
I need 4ch amp helpBrian Bailey5
Big enough amp?petebow43
Car, Truck, SUV, Vantoooloud2
Amp wont turn onBrian Goodrich2
2 alternators, how hard??Jonathan2
Cap or Battery? Rob7
Please infrom me about DEIjim1
Help wiring 2nd amptim5
Here is what I'm makin, what do ya think?Jonathan5
Engine noise, fixed but not fixedjim5
Big audio problemsjim2
Remote onPatrick Lorenz14
Can you runa 1501bd at 1ohmJayJ3
Amp for inifinity 6*9s and rockford sub??colin eves1
DEI ??jim1
Cap or Battery? Robert J2
Advice Needed for wiring.marc caywood8
Hifonics or PGMike Harvey8
1501bd wiringdavids20046
AudioBahn AW 1206T Flame Q a good buy or not?Jonathan28
I need help!!!! Please!!!!Patrick Lorenz3
Moutning circut breakerPatrick Lorenz2
Some spl and bassers showsDavid Meyer1
Need a amppiper7
Amp sounds funnyAnonymous4
Alampsmarc caywood3
Amps for the Components, take a lookDonald R8
HELP! amp wiring going wrong!Nathan Robbins9
Most out of your amplifier (Read This)Michael Wasyliw1
So far not so good.davids20042
Need Help Powering my 2 JL Audio 12"W7'sJonathan3
So far not so good.Anonymous5
Powering an amp davids20042
Questions about the subs and amp im about to purchasedavids20044
Is this amp & subs a good combo...?Ghost3
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