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New system 2 12" 600 budget Drivingreckless48
Got a couple questionscal payne6
Dd9918 580 shipped PAYPAL ONLYJ Noel1
12" of lovin !!!!scott s9
OT: AbsintheJK22
Guy MY RE8's at the AA meetingsean31
OT- A dog Bit meInternet Commando13
Autotek 1400.1Nathan1
AudioQue site under constructionJoey DeSalvo4
Need some help!cam10
HELPYanks Fan6
.5ohm stable ampsDustin23
Who did i sell my amp toBen7
AA Havoc vs. MTX 9515Joey DeSalvo21
Alpine pdx1000.1 for $200?Rob6
Strapping mmats d300hcMarc9
Quick Questioncal payne3
600 watts on manhattan?cal payne12
Remote wirenick high5
Is this design plausible?Brett Stahlman5
Well paul, i got the subPaul Larrea2
DD 6.5 Midrange drver good?cam5
JL 12w7, Ported or sealed enclosure? Help please.cam13
Which power cap??GlassWolf8
Whos the kid that wanted my 800 RMS amps?Dwight Smith1
My new alt. is hereM.S.37
So who's ready for tax season!Drivingreckless21
2 12" subs fit in civic?Naledge5033
Flu SeasonDrivingreckless10
Yanks fan's show some pics thread #2Yanks Fan22
Show Some PicsJK51
Santa feJK6
NEED for SPeed Pro streeet HA HA HA ooooh yeah killerzracing7112
Joey Desalvo ill take your ampDrivingreckless16
The wait is over!!!scott s3
Where to get a box for 12M.S.5
Ports or Sealed?M.S.7
OT: paintballRob13
Thought someone might be interestedhunterw3
OT: NEW GTA!?Troy Jones36
Best amp to power 2 DD 2512¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤14
15" mojo vs 15" strokerSmitty4
Rims 4 sale!!!Ben3
Clarion DPX11500 it is! for my dd 2512"sChauncey Brown6
Canaan or anybody elseJoey DeSalvo5
Good Price for amp???Jamie7
Anyone have experiance with a MMats D200? Not HCChad Lee3
Cheapest place to get a saz 1500DQcsfinest6
OT - Purple HazeDustin75
Cerwin Vega vs. Memphisjake papa11
I have some questionsChase Freeman5
Type r vs AQdavid6
Which Subs Do I Buy?loudblazer10
Check this music out....fa realMarcus Thompson21
Dd2512 vs. Re SEJoey DeSalvo15
15" Pyle 1400w subs any good?cam8
(2) 12" RE SE on a kicke zx 1500.1?Dustin11
5th in the world in our classM.S.41
700+ rms @ 1-4 ohmsjesse17
Ctmikecal payne1
Budget subs & ampJoey DeSalvo7
Is This A Good Setup Guys?Drivingreckless13
Brainstorming custom box for 2 12's under 98 f150 ex cab back seatMatt Bradshaw1
Breaking In Subs + WiringOptidriven16
Look what the Fed Ex guy brought mejosh spivey7
Got to test a new audio brand today....Canaan10
Pickupchris stiles24
For Sale LACOSTE POLOSDrivingreckless21
Woodlawn...Woodlawn Cabinetry5
Tattoo suggestionsTroy Jones25
Lol PG made me laughIsaac3
What to tune at?sqlcrazy30
Stuff for sale.....Chad Lee33
World Finals Nebraskanick high9
Aeroports specialKiLLa2
Stuff for sale....KiLLa1
SQ/SQL System Set-Up HelpSomeDonnieDude12
5.25" or 4" NOOB QuestionLloyd Neilson9
Amp for comp vr 12"Lloyd Neilson1
Anyone got 2 DD 9515 for saleKiLLa47
F150 std cab SubsThieves4
Yo Hunter Thieves22
Change of Plans help with subwoofer box please!M.S.14
Good double din cd/dvd/navDwight Smith18
NFL trivia threadJames Longo16
LOUDEST system possible w/o HO alt???Dwight Smith40
Just a moment of ur timeJAYM3S5
M.S.Chauncey Brown5
WINISD or WINISD PRO usersjake papa3
2 l7s???M.S.10
New Idea will it work, what you guys think? need some opinions/advice.M.S.7
L OO KZpeedy McLovin16
Quick enclousire helpSomeDonnieDude2
Kicker 1200.1 vs. Nine.1cam32
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